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Call me Jen or Jena! :) I'm super PM friendly and, while I prefer not to talk a whole lot about RL, I love to talk about:
🎮 Video Games
🎥 Movies
📺 TV Shows
📗 Books/Comics
🎧 Music
☀️ And anything else under the sun!

My preferred RPs:
🍎 - IC conflict, drama, and juicy tension
🍊 - Plot, just plot, literally all the plot
🍌 - Group settings preferred, 1:1 is fine
🍓 - 18+ please and thank you

I have an absolute ton of alts to choose from even if only a few of those have Public profiles.

My schedule is unfortunately a little sporadic at this time. I do my best to respond to PMs as soon as I possibly can and if I can't respond in a timely manner because work has me too busy I'll let you know, thanks!



Rave Reviews

Whilst I haven't known Jenamore for very long, every RP with her is fun, whether it's confrontational or not - In the case of Rexi-poo, it usually is! And whilst her character may be pretty angry, she is lovely!

This girl is amazing and you should RP with her ASAP. - Tetttiva
There is something I just love about interacting with Jenamore. In character and out she inspires me to improve my abilities and better my characters!

Thanks Jena! You're the best! - Paliana

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  • Big Gold Trophy
    Jenamore helped to smear balm on Server's hives after he developed a nasty allergy to special characters and emojis.(About 1 week 5 days ago)