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Currently done with school, but stuck with writer's block from time to time. Open to new RPs.

Good day to you, my friend!
A pleasure to make your acquaintance!

I don’t believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.
- J. K. Rowling
I like to compare people to books, especially myself. Like their cover, we have a physical appearance; and normally the first impression that we give to others. When we meet someone, we read to them a resume of ourselves, you know; the little text on the back cover. We have our own way of thinking, our own writing style. We have a beginning, we have adventures and an end.

It is why I appreciate writing with others, creating stories with others.
Honestly, I am open to almost everything. From modern to medieval. From fantasy to futuristic. Really, anything. As long as I have enough information about the plot and the world, I’ll be comfortable to write.

I'm a pretty flexible writer. I don't bite and I'm always open for new RPs! :)
My Writing Style

I usually write in the third person and I tend to describe A LOT. As mentioned earlier, I tend to write between two and four paragraphs for each reply (Approximately 200 to 500 words). I'm nevertheless very flexible and will always try to fit my partner(s)'s length. I'm struggling with inspiration from time to time, so it may happen that the RP doesn't move a lot for a week or two. Please be patient and don't hesitate to share your thoughts, I'll try my best to make the RP more interesting!

P.S.: I tend to swear sometimes in my replies (nothing too extreme, believe me). Therefore, I'd like to know beforehand if swearing isn't your cup of tea. I like to use it to make my characters more dramatic or more realistic, but I can always take it off. Just warn me and there won't be any problem!

Prefered Genres to RP

I am usually open to anything (as I said earlier), but I have to admit that I am a sucker for romantic stories. I just love to ship different characters and create drama around them. It's just so satisfying to make them fall in love in unexpected ways.

Here is a list of my favorite themes/genres:








And here is a list of genres that I never explored (this doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in these, I just never got the chance to try them out yet!):







Everyone can start a RP with me. Therefore, anyone who wishes to RP with me MUST acknowledge my rules and RESPECT them. If you follow them, I'll follow yours.

1. Respect
Please be respectful. I don't ask you to become my best friend, but I like to keep things harmonious. Don't be rude, and don't force things. If you have doubts or feel abandoned, share your thoughts in a civilized way. There might be mistakes in my responses, please be nice about it if you correct me. I'm nevertheless always opened to improve my writing!

2. 18+ Scenes
I'm comfortable with some smut scenes, but it somehow makes me uneasy if the RPs constantly gravitates around them. I like my RPs when they are captivating and surprising. I always say yes to sexual tensions, but romance is more than sex. I will never do anything too extreme nor too "torturous". If you plan on moving on to an 18+ scene, I'd like to know about it beforehand.

3. Replies Lenght
Here's the thing: I don't mind short replies. As long as the story is moving on and interesting, I won't ever complain about your writing skills (I am not in the position to do that). I tend to write between two and three paragraphs for each reply and my starters are often VERY long (five to six paragraphs). PLEASE don't feel intimidated by my posts. Your replies can have three sentences or three paragraphs: as long as I can write something with it, I will be pleased.

4. Schedule & Answering
I'm a full-time student with a part-time job on the side, so I can't always send a reply each day. I'm taking a double course, so I have two times more classes than a normal college student (plus my countless hours that I have to spend on practicing and rehearsing). If you feel left behind, just send me a quick reminder. I'll try to put in a reply as quickly as I can.

Just before you leave, there is one last thing that I have to say :
English is NOT my mother tongue. Don’t be surprised if there are mistakes in my paragraphs, but normally I am trying to correct as much as I can. I just ask you to be understanding of me.
I hope that you appreciated reading my profile and that we will meet soon!

On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur.
L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.

- Le Petit Prince


Rave Reviews

Jence here is great with grammar, detail, and driving the plot forward. She's willing to play more than one character which is hard to find here and she is very understanding when it comes to needing writing breaks. Her long replies are so well written, they don't drag and aren't redundant either. Overall, she's great to role play with, especially if you're looking for someone to stick with you in the long-run. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - KillerKiller
I'm sure I wouldn't be able to say anything new and different from others who this lovely girl has been roleplaying with.
I will just say that she's incredibly good and talented role player and friendly, lovely and cheerful person. So creative and open-minded who you never get bored nor role-playing with nor chatting with.
I have only a few favourite RP partners and stories here and if I say that she's not on that list, it will be a lie.
I'm so glad for having her as my roleplay partner!
- LotusFlower

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