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Hello and welcome to my profile,as I mentioned in my introduction,my friend JetStorm told me about this site about a year ago,but I grew bored because no one was rping with me,so I just stopped all together. I tried contacting a few people,but never got a reply. I hope all of that changes and I hope I make a few friends. Anyway,lets start off with my rp standards.

My number 1 rule is that I will NOT partake in any sexual content,its gross and it sickens me. Both me and JetStorm hate this,even if it fades to black,its still nasty,so I'd like it if the rp was kept pg-13 or pg.

My second rule is no controlling my characters,I hate it when others say or do something with my characters without permission. Its annoying and I will call you out if my character is being controlled.

My third rule is please,no spamming,I'm a very busy college student,I don't usually have all the time in the world to just sit back and reply to messages,sometimes I'll multitask. I'll talk with you as I do my school work.

My fourth rule is that I will not reply to people who keep bothering me for replies,if you do so,you will be warned once and then I'll block you if it continues,so please don't get on my nerves.

My fifth rule is no forced relationships. Okay this is a big no-no,my characters decide who they want to be with,if they are with your oc long enough,then we'll talk about getting them into a romantic relationship.
I know I sounded like a Karen,but I just need to put down my ground rules,and I am not trying to sound rude.

Onto the fandoms

-Pokemon(any game that's been made)

-Splatoon(1 & 2)

-Super Smash Bros

-LOZ: Breath Of The Wild


-Hollow Knight




-Sonic X

-Miraculous Ladybug


-Pokemon X & Y

-Transformers Animated

-Transformers Prime


-Bee & Puppycat

-Adventure Time

-Regular Show

-Yuri On Ice


-Malificent(1 &2)

-Harry Potter

-Wings Of Fire

-Any Disney Movie

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