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Ps4 Gamertag- SmackimousMaximus

Hello and welcome to my profile,as you can see I have re-done this for a 4th time in a row. Lets start with introductions,shall we? My name is JetStorm, I go by either Stormy or Jet,I am a soon-to-be college student,I have real world problems to deal with,so if I do not reply right off the bat,then don't keep sending me messages. If you spam me you will be blocked,simple as that,you will get ONE warning to stop spamming. I also might be doing an art project,or just watching a movie,or enjoying a video game. Yes,I'm a nerd.

Pet Peeves
When someone tells me I am the greatest person at not replying,look,okay yes sometimes I am slow,but you don't need to be petty.I do try to answer as fast as possible,but sometimes life happens and rp has to come last...
When someone points out I didn't do a certain thing in a rp. Yeah I get it,sometimes we all do things we forget to do,but take it easy on me,like I said,sometimes I am busy and sometimes send short replies and I leave out details. If you don't like my rp style,then please just leave me alone.
Forced romance,my characters are not going to be forced into any relationship,I would like to talk it over before the rp even begins,I love romance,but hate forced relationships. I am okay with BxB,GxG,and BxG.
Being ghosted, I know I have no room to talk,because I have ghosted a few people before,but that was because I had school to deal with,and art requests to take care of,though I don't see why others like my art,it honestly sucks. OFF TOPIC,anyway,I am usually a patient person,I'll wait for at least a year for a reply,which has happened before.


No sexual scenes,I have a hatred for sexual content,due to personal reasons. Lets just say I did something dumb and the cops were involved,but luckily I didn't get thrown in jail. I never made the same mistake. I am 18,but I will NOT do any sexual content at all.
No Abuse,this is another personal one,and I would appreciate it if my characters were not abused in a relationship,its wrong and it brings me to tears if this were to happen to my characters,I know they ain't real,but I picture what is happening to them as I text my rp partners.
No controlling my characters, This should honestly be in pet peeves,but its more of a rule. So please don't control my character,if I haven't done a certain action,don't make them do it. If I already made my character say walk towards your character,then its fine if your character saw my character walking toward them. I sound like a Karen...But I put down these rules for good measure,and in hopes people will read them.
You don't have to match a personality to a canon character. This isn't really a rule,its more like a heads up. I have played a few fandom rps in my two years of being on this site,and those people have said they didn't know how to play a certain character. I would usually make a new personality for that canon character if I didn't know how to play them too well.

On to the Fandoms!!!

LOZ:Breath Of The Wild
Hollow Night
Smash Bros
Mario Cart
LOZ:Hyrule Warriors
Let's Go Eevee & Let's Go Pikachu

Cartoons & Animes
Sailor Moon
Owari No Seraph
Transformers Animated
Transformers Prime
Sonic X
Transformers G1
Spider Man(Ultimate)
TMNT (2012 ver.)
Justice League

Transformers:Bumblebee Movie
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Malifecent(Both Movies)
Detective Pikachu
Harry Potter

Fandoms I WILL NOT Do.
Super Natural
Stranger Things

Song Of The Day

Rave Reviews

After a long time of not being in RPR, JetStorm is actually the first to RP with me. I don't know much about her yet (I do hope to become close friends someday though), but I have to say, she is super fast in responding and she keeps the RP going very well. It's thrilling actually and I'm enjoying it a lot! Jetstorm is an absolutely amazing RP partner. I look forward to each and every of her responses. Stay awesome, Jet~! <3 Drives the plot forward Fast responses - HibariHaru013
I will say that JetStorm deserves some love because I am doing two roleplays with them. They ask questions, give ideas when I need help with something. Their characters just fit into the roleplay so well. I would give a trophy to Jet because they know just how to make the roleplay sweet, or make a character evil. They are also a good person to talk to when you need it. - Dark_Cupid

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