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Greetings,Welcome To My Profile!
This is my fifth time remodeling my profile,so I just wanted to say a few things before I move on to the important crap. First and foremost,please note I will no longer reply to sentences,it sucks when I spend too much time sending a mountain of paragraphs to only get a sentence. And if I use sentences,its probably because I am using an Iphone and two sentences look like a paragraph,don't come at me. Also note that one word replies are just not going to cut it,if you are role playing with me,be detailed and use third person point of view,1st and 2nd just flat out confuse me.If you don't take this seriously,then I'll just stop the rp all together,I sound like a Karen,but I just want ya to know I would love details in an rp. Another thing,LET ME CONTROL MY OWN CHARACTERS! this is happening way too much,I don't like it when other users control my characters,cm'on,its not cool.
Rules,Fandoms,And Extras!
My rules are pretty dang simple to follow,my first rule is be detailed. Being detailed and having more to read is fun. I like mountains of paragraphs and character development,it is fun and it makes the rp a lot more interesting. My second rule is respect my absence,I have a lot of school work to do,and few have spammed me multiple time,I won't call anyone out,because that isn't how I roll. When I am gone,I will let you know when I return,now if I ghost you,its either I'm busy,or you need to edit your replies,just being honest. My third rule is obvious,nothing sexual. This is honestly a personal one,I hate sexual content so much,I even drop rps if it gets a little too much to handle. I am fine with romance,so long as it doesn't get out of hand. Fourthly,no forced relationships. This is a big one,generally I ask my partner if they want romance and between who,so it isn't forced upon mine or their character(s). My final rule is to never control my character.If I didn't do something you wanted,tough. I don't control anyone else's characters,so don't control mine,please.
Hollow Knight
Smash Ultimate
Legend Of Zelda-Breath Of The Wild
Animal Crossing
Fnaf(Any Version)
Sonic Forces
Pokemon Sword & Shield
Transformers(Any Version)
Looney Tunes
Final Space
Helluva Boss
Hazbin Hotel
Batman(Cartoon Series)

Transformers(Any Movie)
Malificent(1 & 2)
Tmnt(1 & 2)
Bumblebee Movie
Wonder Woman(1 & 2)
Abominable(Dreamworks Film)


I am a bookworm,I love reading over past rps and ones that are now inactive.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Favorite Food-Pizza
Favorite Animal-Anything Cute
Music I prefer-Pop Culture
Favorite Character I Own So Far-Mitsue
Favorite Genre-Action & Romance
Favorite Bug-Butterfly
Phobias-Dolls,Being Alone,& Mirrors

Rave Reviews

Storm is the cutest person ever! Haven't got time to do an entire RP but from what I've seen... amazing work ^^ very kind and approachable Kind and understanding Helpful - Aaricia
JetStorm is my best friend in the whole world,and an incredible human being she is. they showed me that everything in life and for what ever happens just move forward, what i admirer the most about her is that she never gives up so easily,she's also a very good listener, creative,awesome,understanding.and for what you've been through, i will always be on your side, i'll never leave you because that's what real friends do, they stand by each other. and thank you for being there when i need you.💖 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Optimusprimal99

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