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:star: RP status-open to new ideas :star:

If I Do Not Reply,Its Probably Because I'm Doing School or my power went out,probably won't reply in about a week.

Hello and welcome to my profile,as you can see I have re-done this,for the third time in a row...Anyway,on with the introductions. My name is JetStorm,but you can call me Stormy or Jet,which ever one you feel like,if you don't wanna type my whole name. (not my real name though I wish it was...)anyhow,enjoy this three minute video....if you want.

Rp Standers
no one liners please...I hate it when I type a long as hell paragraph only to get a sentence in return
nothing sexual. (Yes I'm 18,and I hate sexual content]
don't bully me or my characters,if I come off rude,I sincerely apologize,I don't mean it
no OP characters (Its no fun)
DON'T control my characters

but first...ENJOY THIS VIDEO...if you want....its up to you..

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Super Smash Bros.

Hunger Games
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
World War Z
Once Upon a Time
Steven Universe: The Movie

Owari No Seraph
Vampire Knight
Steven Universe
Looney Tunes
Transformers G1 Franchise
Spider Man(Ultimate)
TMNT(2012 ver.)
Beast Wars

Please don't bother me for rp replies,if I'm not answering and its been over two or so days,please send a heads up,so I know you're still interested. Don't be sending me messages like 'Probably the best person at not responding' That is really petty,and it makes me not want to rp with you anymore.

I think that's it,thank you for reading.

Rave Reviews

JetStorm she's incredibly fun and inspiring. a great rp, also
perhaps the best in my book
i've learned a ton of ideas for
the RpR thanks to her i would definitely be friend her or add
👍 😃 - Optimusprimal99
I've been doing a Klance rp with JetStorm for a while now and it's so much fun! I can't wait to continue! - Agayturd

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