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:star: RP status-open to new ideas :star:

Hello folks,Stormy here,I just want to go over a few things here. So as most of you know,I'm always online and in PMs,so when I put something on the public forums,please message me,I may not go to that forum and I may ignore you by accident. Another thing,Please don't ghost me,if you are busy and you don't tell me i will be thinking 'oh well I guess their done with this RP' so please let me know when your leaving or if your having friends over in real life. I don't want to sound annoying to anyone,so the next time you have to leave,give me a heads up so I won't be expecting a message. Anyway with that out the way,I'll start talking about myself and my RP standers. I am a huge anime weeb,I love it so much. When I first saw pokemon i was hooked. So now I'm very much addicted to Fairy Tail. I love Natsu he is so precious and very funny.Now for my rules.

~No sexual stuff please,I don't mind if characters are half dressed and making out or whatever,but if things get out of hand I will drop the RP.
~Don't cuss in every sentence.
~Don't control my characters.
~Don't bully me or my characters(in Rp).
~I don't like Mary Sues and Gary Sues,so no OP characters.

Animes I love
~Fairy Tail
~Owari No Seraph
~Sailor Moon
~Yuri on Ice
~My Hero Academia

Q & A
Question-Why do you like Natsu so much?
Answer-because he is relateable.

Question-Who is you anime crush?
Answer-Um...thats a tough question,but if i had to choose,it would be between Natsu(from Fairy Tail), Mika(From Owari no Seraph),and Aiden (from Lumine)

Question-Favorite color?
Answer-Blue,Orange,Red,and Black

Question-Favorite animal?
Answer-Dragon,horse,dog,and rabbit

Question-Do you draw?
Answer-yes,quite alot actually

Question-Favorite food?

Rave Reviews

Jetstorm knows how to play a character to everyone's liking. They help people if they have problems and they run a really good story. Helpful Creative ideas - Lazari-Not_IEPFB-
JetStorm is sweet. I just noticed she quietly gave me kudos. I enjoy talking to her OOC; she is one of the folks that bring the buzz of energy to a forum. She's fun. - Abigail_Austin

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