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  • Gender: Two-spirit

RP status-I am currently full,but if you really want to,please have a plot ready

Hey guys,Jet Storm here,and I have some things i'd like to go over with you,before you message me,please,for the love of god please have a plot already,I'm tired of trying to come up with crap after a typed in a few ideas in "Looking for RP" forum. 2ndly do not ghost me,okay,that b.s. gets on my nerves,here I am expecting a message,7 flipping hours later,1 message in inbox. I'm not trying to be rude,i'm just very tired of people ghosting me,if you have somewhere to go or someone is coming over,please give me a heads up so i'm not expecting a message from you. *Clears throat* anyway I'm gonna share my limits and such in a list,first up,RULES!
-NO ghosting.
-NO sexual content(Im okay with making out and french kissing,I also don't mind if characters are half dressed,like no shirt but wearing pants or shorts,thats fine,but if things take a turn,i will drop the rp like a hot pot sticker)

-NO bullying(c'mon guys i'm sensitive)
-NO spam
-NO hate speech(like cussing,hell,crap,and damn is all i'm permitting

On to the Anime's i prefer.
-Transformers animated
-Glitter Force(I'm 17 and i like this stuff,don't judge me)
-TMNT(2003 & 2012 version,yes this is considered an anime,if you haven't watched 2012 ver. I suggest you do so now)
-Sailor Moon
-Thunder Cats (2015 version,i think)
-Steven Universe
-The Adventure Zone.
Extra rp ideas
-Normal family rp
-gory stuff
-Q & A
-T or D (depending on my mood)
-Q & A(IC)
-rp's that require ocs(i have a sucky imagination when it comes to characters)
-Brother x Brother
-Sister x Sister
-Sister x Brother
(the three i listed,is a no in my book)
-smut(no just no)
-dramatic deaths of characters
-Medevil stuff (I'm just not good at it)

About me
i'm a gamer,i love all sorts of games including,Blush Blush,, Temple Run 1 2 &3, and more. I love animals especially rabbits,i love dogs as well,my favorite color is orange and blue,and i love to draw. sooo thats it about me.

aaaand thats it folks,pm me if you want to rp with me,i don't bite

Rave Reviews

  • I've been doing a Klance rp with JetStorm for a while now and it's so much fun! I can't wait to continue!
    -- Agayturd
  • She's one of my closest friend on this site. I enjoy RP with her very much and she always replies when she can. I love how detailed she is and she's so much fun, probably more fun for me. I will admit I was a bit nervous when I met her because I thought she was too...
    -- Pen_Tsunami

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