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  • Gender: Two-spirit

hello earthlings i am jetstorm (related to jetfire) i want to let you know of my rp standers

My FB friend is on this site now,please say hi some time,her name is Medicbaby
Gifts i received- Lily=from my dear friend Sexysultryangelbabe(idk if i spelled it right)

If you want to reach me on another site(half the reason why don't reply) let me know in private message ^^

1-no sex

2-no spam please

3-no godmoding

4-no bullying me in private message i WILL report your afterburner

5-no controling my character(s)

6-have fun ^-^

i do not like it when someone treats others unfairly and if you hurt my friends feelings you will be reported and you can deel with the moditors of this site,i do not tolorate bullies so back off,and if you mess with me i'll give a second chance by blocking u instead of reporting you,but dont you dare mess with my friends.

one more thing about me,i do love yaoi tfa stuff(no sex though)

my rp list-
1= Transformers animated (yaoi or otherwise)

2= disney

3=animaniacts (cant spell i know)

4=looney tunes

5=harry potter (sometimes)

6=DC (sometimes)

7=yu-gi-oh (sometimes)

8=law & order

9=Blue Bloods

10= sonic and friends

11= Hawii five o

12= star wars (sometimes)

13= a normal family rp

14= spider man

15= horror

16= steven universe (sometimes)

17= once upon a time

18= transformers prime(yaoi or otherwise)

Rave Reviews

  • This girl is absolutely awesome!!! I am so glad I was able to reconnect with her I strongly suggest everyone role plays with her. She is so creative and imaginative (( Dontknow if those mean the same things )) but she is just amazing!!!😁😄😋
    -- Starwarsfan
  • She's beautiful friendly kind and sweet. She's a absolute blessing and treasure to me. Plus she's way cool 😎. She's so creative and original by having bugs bunny as a character.
    -- LakotaSiouxWarrior

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