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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: April 26

I'm a man. I've played D&D and Cyberpunk on the tabletop scale.

That was my lame intro YAY!

Nah I am probably the one guy in all of this who's character is likely to piss your character off! Now I don't intentionally do that, it's just the type of character I like to play. I have only made one character as of now, but I will make many more in the future, also my ability to draw is limited so I very much doubt I can upload pictures of my characters, I'm sorry.

"We are, We are all innocent." - Our Lady Peace

Rave Reviews

  • Has a lot of interesting characters from what it seems, Always thought about asking for an rp with him!
    -- InquisitorCat
  • Is a fun guy to rp with, I've only been in rp with 3 of his chars but I've enjoyed what rp I've done with him. :D
    -- Lorvilran

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