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Hello, my name is Jules.
I've been on a long RP-hiatus, but i'm finally back!

I usually prefer to do modern or historic RP's, usually on the more realistic side of things. I have not done a lot of fantasy and therefore do not have any fantasy characters. I will be up for trying out a fantasy RP if I like the plot though.

At the moment i'm very into pirates, apocalyptic settings, and period pieces :)

I'm up for RPing with any gender or non-gendered characters and pairings, however, i usually do prefer lgbtq+ pairings.

I usually use my own characters but if the RP is set in a universe such as the MCU, then i'll be happy to use canon characters as well.

I'm really up for trying most things, so don't be scared to send me a PM so we can figure something out. :)

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