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Im a weird socially awkward kid who just wants to rp
I like Harry Potter ( haven't seen all movies yet tho ) and fantasy. I also like The thing and I'm a sucker for cartoons. I like watching youtube and play games, sometimes story based, platform, horror etc. I like to theorize and try to put logic into stuff very often, If u don't like that u dont need to comment on it because I won't stop

Things I have interests in :
The thing
The walking dead games
DDLC ( doki doki )
Steven universe
Werewolfs and other creatures
Hazbin hotel
Little misfortune and Fran bow

I like dark things and cute things, I have dark humor sometimes and like to joke around lot of the time.
Quick side note Im pretty emotional and sometimes I can be sad for small things, just keep that in mind. the reason its like that ( most of the time ) its because I have asperger.

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