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Name: Jinx
Age: 19
Pronouns: They/Them please :)
Timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT -6:00)
My PMs are open for anything. Want to RP? PM me! Want a friend? PM me! Want to just talk about random stuff? PM me!! Just read the rest of my profile first if it’s about RP.

My RP Rules:

I prefer RPing with other adults, but I will RP with younger people if I like the plot enough. Just be mature about things and we’ll be fine.
I don’t have many limits but no means no. I will usually go along with whatever you (the other person) wants, but if I am not comfortable with something I will say so, please respect it.
Permanent character deaths are an automatic no. I also will not allow major injury, trauma, etc. to happen to my characters unless we have discussed it prior and you have my explicit consent.
I’m completely fine with doubling. I prefer it, actually.
No one liners please. I don’t expect paragraphs upon paragraphs but please give me something to work with.
I will try to respond at least a couple times a day, and if I somehow can’t I will do my very best to give fair warning. I expect the same.

My favorite genres are slice-of-life and light fantasy, but the only genre I don’t really like too much is sci-fi.

My Fandoms:
My favorite favorite fandom to RP. I’ll do Danganronpa RP all the time. I have multiple OCs (including Yuudai) and play multiple canons. Just ask.

I haven’t RP’d FNAF in forever, but I do have experience with it. I’ll play pretty much any canon but I don’t have any OCs

I mostly play Rin and Len, but I’ll also play many other female characters or Fukase.

My Favorite Settings:
-School settings. Preferably college or boarding school settings, but anything school catches my interest.
-Asylum settings.
-Lots of other stuff, just ask!

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