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Hmm. I'm not very good at these things, and never really know what to say.


Am I a RPer? Maybe, I'm not really sure any more.
I'm kind of only around because someone I know keeps pestering me to RP.
I'm not particularly good with people, so I'm not really sure how much of a decent writing partner I can be.
Umm, I don't mind getting a story going or bouncing ideas around if anyone likes.
Beyond that, I kind of just hover about here.

Anyhow, I won't prattle on or waste your time if you even made it this far.
Thanks for reading; I think that's what I should say.

Rave Reviews

I. Love. This. Girl. Seriously, if you're not roleplaying with her, you're missing out on someone great. She's an excellent writer and person, and I cannot sing her praises high enough with text alone. She is consummate simply by thinking, speaking, and sleeping while being herself. No matter the era, the mere fact of her existence symbolizes the might of Rome. Umu! - Another
Joker_Echo is one of those writers who will win your heart in matter of seconds. She is a very talented writer with many interesting characters and very sweet person. She is someone who isn't afraid to role-play various genres and characters. To put it simple she is one of those GEM'S that hides from plain view. On top of that she is my one and only Kohai <3. - Queen_Knight

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