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Yo! It's me, Jonah! It's fair to say I have been dead for a looooooong time here. I want to try and make a comeback but ima start fresh! That means clearing all my characters, past stories, everything has to go! This profile is probably in the process of being updated right now! Anyway, that's all, hope to talk to ya soon!)

Yo! I'm Jonah and I'm a 16 year old student from the UK. (So my timezone is BST/GMT if it helps for RP scheduling purposes. I'm a huge fan of animals, pokemon and Survivor (Tv show). I'm a decent RPer who usually tries to write in paragraphs (Though they may be short!). I usually have a lot going on but have decent amounts of free time to RP

RPs I like to do:

.Animal Related
.Zombie Apocalypse

Things I don't do:

.Depressed RP or RP of suicidal characters
.Smut/Sexual Roleplay
.Although I'm a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community irl, I am straight myself. Thus I don't tend to do MxM or FxF RP as I feel uncomfortable doing this type of RP. I'm fine being in an RP with LGBTQ+ characters but I won't be partaking in that.
.Although I RP animals a lot, I don't feel comfortable RPing human-like animals

Last updated: 13th June 2019

(Please note, although I am trying to get back into RPing here, I can't give you a 100% guarentee I won't become overwhelmed with IRL stuff and disappear. So uh, yeah. That might be worth taking note of)

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I have been in two roleplays with this child and those roleplays have been amazing. He comes up with the best plots and best plot twisters. He also seems like an amazing friend. Even though we haven't talked much. I hope to see him in more roleplays or even roleplay with him myself - Gothic_Girl
Jonah is a amazing rper! he sticks with the topic, and I have to say hes really nice! I was gone for a few days and he messaged me asking if I was ok. I recommend asking him to rp with you, hes a great rper and a good friend :) ! - Maylee

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