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I'm a young woman with a passion for story telling.

Feel free to message me, friend request me & write with me. I check the site every day, keeping it on an open tab in my phone.



... maybe a little bit.

I have a long history of role playing, starting when I was about 12 or 13 - my RP style is detailed paragraphs, usually in a private message format. I've acted since I was 6 years old so have an in depth knowledge of characterisation and plot, making me a strong rp partner.


RP Status: Always Open.

RP Characters: Can be adapted to fit any time period or setting.


Rave Reviews

Very detailed writer. Lots of development behind her characters, from personality to their history. Creative ideas and plot development. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Pantrane
RpR has caught kudos fever and this gorgeous lady deserves all the love and adoration that will fit in this teeny tiny box. She's sweet. She's really, really sweet. Her writing needs to be published. Her flowery, eloquent language is fine dining, but with roleplaying. She really puts a lot of effort into her RPs. And she's cool and smart and hilarious as heck! She's a firecracker. Careful--she'll light up the whole sky. Triple threat: smart, funny, kind. She'll steal your heart. RP with her. - Abigail_Austin

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