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Current Status: So many RPs, so little time! If you're waiting on a reply, I promise I haven't forgotten! I just have a bad habit of stretching myself too thin.

I enjoy RPs with lots of action and adventure, where the characters soon find themselves in trouble! PCs that win all the time are so boring! I'm a sucker for the wild west (it's become my favorite!!) I also enjoy medieval fantasy games. But if the story is enticing, can be convinced to try some other genres.

I use dice! Not all the time, but when deciding how an NPC reacts or the outcome of combat, I think it makes the story all the more unpredictable and exciting, sometimes throwing it in a whole new direction! This doesn't mean we need to be using any established ruleset. Just set some odds and go with it!


Ghosting: I used to get a little bent out of shape about it... but I really don't now. If you're not feeling an RP, no pressure, no worries! It's supposed to be fun, not a chore. :)

In real life, I'm a software engineer. Other hobbies include animals (I have chickens, 3 cats, & a dog, plus grew up with horses), gardening, and archery.

My Agility Pup: Popper

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Rave Reviews

My time spent roleplaying with Juls has been amazing. She's understanding and willing to work with my hectic schedule and is very forgiving. Her characters are fleshed out and have intriguing backstories, and I love the ideas she has. Everything is elaborately explained and detailed. All in all, I'm having a fantastic time. - PenguinColada
Juls shares my love of westerns, whether they’re weird or normal! In the brief time we played together, his knowledge of the American West shone through in a brilliance even I myself have yet to emulate. He’s a wonderful writer with a passion for his character crafting, and it was a blast playing with him! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Copper_Dragon

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