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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: October 06

¨JustAGuy¨ written by Demilicious

Wanna know something about me that's not here?

I'm a very eccentric and weird person, I'm hyper-energetic always fidgeting and moving and saying something, I'm not doing something lol

I have one of those personalities you'll either really love, or really hate

The world needs more love

I have the fastest response you've ever seen B).....mostly cause I don't have a social life XD

I am very insecure about most things I do, one of my big worries is that my rp partner doesn't actually like the rp they are just doing it and going through the motions of it ;-;

I RP as both male and female, I can be sub or dom
I do both sexual and nonsexual rps

DISCLAIMER: NONE of the pictures I use are mine, I don't claim them as mine I just like them for my characters

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