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Remember: I don't ghost, or leave you hanging. If you think I did, send me a *boop* or a *poke*. Its totally fine by me. This is for the peeps whom I 've RP'd with and if its been a lil while with no reply back from me. Please do, so the both of us aren't left hanging in the end.

Anyways- ello~!! Nice to meet your acquaintance and looking around this gamer's house!

Reply status: No idea if I'm being honest. In fact, I'm actually participating in one gaming tournament this month(started July 1st 2020)! There's going to be those times where I'll reply, then those times where not. Pardon me in advance if I can't reply to you, but you can always try to talk to me. I do take breaks and happen to look at RPR and always discord. = D

Matter of fact- here's my discord, if you do happen to have one and want to be friends. Or want a RP bud, have some talks, chill around, anything really. I'm casually fwendly like that.
Psst~! Make sure to copy and paste it so its easier..!

How I got here?
I've been role-playing for a good while in the past, and I still do as well. I decided to look for a website that might include rps that I could do, then I ended up finding this one and I gave it a try.

Mainly WoW (World of Warcraft) and D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) got me into the roleplay life. Really liked these games, I still do, and still play them.

My roleplay styles: I mainly roleplay almost anything you would like. Mostly what I like is fantasy, action and adventure. But really, I just like any type/genre of roleplay! I'm open minded after all, so suggest at your liking! I'd like to hear from your ideas.

Little about myself: I'm a mod for a different site, who is also a game developer/designer and a gamer. Well, I am more than Just A Gamer to be honest, but sometimes.. the word gets around rather quick. I Love to help and develop more ideas for the people who need assistance. That includes roleplay, designing, and pretty much anything that's on the computers/networking side of things.

Feel free to ask me any questions, about myself, what I do, or just advice! I will gladly answer them. Love to hear what you have stored for me though! Tell me some stories about yerself will ya? *Grabs popcorn*

Also- also- I rp with more than what it shows, but I know it only shows a few of them. I have way more, they're just not ready to be on here just yet, or I ran out of space, ooor their profiles in general are too developed for me to say... "Welp, I can't just copy n' paste dis xD". So I'll have to work in-depth with them a bit, then I'll maybe release them here. Like I said, I have many for almost any RP to fit then at. So... ask! :)

(A lil sidenote: The majority of those 'aforementioned' chars in here, are "hidden". If you want me to show them to you, feel free to just ask! I might have a fitting character for ya! Possibilities are endless around here.)

Rave Reviews

CAN'T. EVEN. This human being thing is probably my favourite person on the absolute entire site. We have over 10 THOUSAND messages in our OOC chat and have a canon couple which is absolutely adorable and we don't even know how they click together so amazingly. He's funny, smart, dedicated, and just all around amazing. He's been there for me forever, and has perhaps seen one of the ugliest sides of me that anyone on RPR has ever witnessed. He knows how to have a good laugh, and I will cherish that forever. - staticnightmares
I freaking adore this smexy hooman, I dunno who wouldn't. Although we haven't roleplayed that much, our OOC has been quite.. Interesting to say at the least. UwU HE IS AMAZING. I repeat, A M A Z I N G. Everytime we talk, he never fails to make me smile or laugh. Which to me, is an important factor with any kind of friendship. You will never be bored talking to this guy, I can assure you that much. - _KittyKat_

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