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Remember: I don't ghost, or leave you hanging. If you think I did, send me a *boop* or a *poke*. Its totally fine by me. This is for the peeps who I RP with and if its been a lil while with no reply back from me. Please do so.

Anyways, ello!! Nice to meet your acquaintance.

Reply status: No idea if I'm being honest. There's going to be those times where I'll reply, but those times where not. Motivation loss is a pain, and I'm sure all of us can relate. Pardon me in advance if I can't reply to you, but you can always try to talk to me so I can be more consistant with my replies. = D

How I got here?
I've been role-playing for a good while in the past, and I still do as well. I decided to look for a website that might include rps that I could do, then I ended up finding this one and I gave it a try.

Mainly WoW (World of Warcraft) and D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) got me into the roleplay life. Really liked these games, I still do, and still play them lol.

My roleplay styles: I mainly roleplay almost anything you would like. Mostly what I like is fantasy, action and adventure. But really, I just like any type/genre of roleplay! I'm open-minded after all.

Little about myself: Im also a mod for a different site who is also a game developer/designer.(Sadly I may not talk about it) Love to help and develop more ideas for the people who need assistance.

Feel free to ask me any questions, about myself or what I do, I will gladly answer them. Love to hear what you have stored for me.

Also I rp with more than what it shows, but I know it only shows a few of them. I have way more, they're just not ready to be on here just yet, or I ran out of space, or their profiles in general are too developed for me to say... "Well, I can't copy n' paste dis xD". Thats why, for the time being, I'll have an extra 2 over there for Fantasy, Horror, and anything else really. I don't really need to use those, just as myself with the character who I'm RPing as is fine too. I can rp with them, so feel free to ask me about them. Like I said, I have many for any RP to fit. :)

Rave Reviews

CAN'T. EVEN. This human being thing is probably my favourite person on the absolute entire site. We have over 10 THOUSAND messages in our OOC chat and have a canon couple which is absolutely adorable and we don't even know how they click together so amazingly. He's funny, smart, dedicated, and just all around amazing. He's been there for me forever, and has perhaps seen one of the ugliest sides of me that anyone on RPR has ever witnessed. He knows how to have a good laugh, and I will cherish that forever. - StaticNightmares
Before I go to bed— I needed to give this guy a KUDO! Well, why? Because is his hilarious, nice, and very Just a good person. I haven’t talked to him a lot, but I already know he Is a good person and a great friend! :) keep being awesome! - FallingSTARISH

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    Well, guess my last one didn't send through once upon a time. So... here's this one: This bootiful and kind wonder of a gurl right here has quite the sense of humor, both IC and OOC. And I can tell you, that I am truly grateful to have met them on here. Great thought out responses, with that hint of humor that'll get smiles, or even laughs through like its nothing. I highly recommend at least sending a "Hello" or a question to RP, cause it'll be worth you a good while to know this gal more. = D Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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