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Guys chill, it's just me :]

👁👄👁 Why hello there, what brings you into my labyrinths ?

My standards of grammar are quite high for myself; I hold a similar standard for my roleplay partners, which goes as follows.
Please, to all my current/future RP partners, try your best to adhere to all grammar useage and mechanics rules (otherwise referred to as GUMs). Simply put, it helps me better understand our story. All efforts are much appreciated on my end, and I completely understand that people learned grammar differently than each other. I hope you can all understand where I'm coming from. If you have any questions, I am more than willing to answer to the best of my ability.

I don't have any social platform outside of here. Ergo, I don't have discord. I'm not comfortable getting it. I apologize if this causes problems in the future, but I am just not comfortable getting it.

I should have put this in a long time ago, but I don't accept or send friend requests until I'm extremely comfortable with you. Nothing against any of you lovely people, but this is what makes me the most comfortable. Thanks for understanding :]

I am a person.. Or am I ???? So now I am here :]

Favourite song- This Ain't a Scene, it's an Arms Race, Fever Dream, For the Record, Buddy Holly

Favorite Animal, Colour, Hobby- Axolotls, indigo, and anything music or art related
Favourite Pieces of Media- Impossible Music (Sean Williams), Girl with a Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer)
Sports- Volleyball

Three words that best describe me- Does This Count ?


The Distance- CAKE
Dude, she's just not into you- Brooke
American Boy- Estelle ft. Kanye West
The Record Player Song- Daisy The Great
Keep it Gold- Surfaces
Daria- CAKE
Ignorance- Paramore
From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins- Panic!
Race car Ya-yas- CAKE
Satan is my Motor- CAKE
Zeros (literally the whole album)- Declan McKenna
Funeral Derangements- Ice Nine Kills
This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race- Fall Out Boy
Viva La Vida- Coldplay
If I'm Being Honest- Dodie



- gore Just not my thing. I just.. No thank you in the most respectful way possible
- not respecting boundaries set up I think this one goes without saying, but saying you were being "edgy" does not justify doing or saying out of pocket things
- anything generally horror related I'm an easy scare, what can I say ? The only exception to this is probably mentions of horror movies.


- Wait times Sometimes, life happens. I'm a busy, busy person, I do busy, busy things. Sometimes, that's not here. Sometimes, other people are busy, busy people doing busy, busy things. We gotta respect the grind mutually 👌
- adjustable length & leeway As I said, I'm a busy person doing busy person things. Sometimes, I can get really bad writer's block. Sometimes, I just can't think of a reply. Again, it's that mutual repsect. People are busy and get writer's block. I got you if you got me
- the following RP types:
°Romance (any type. Slow burn, angsty, I can go for it. *cough cough* I gotta work on writing it though, you know who I'm talking to if you know. Sorry !
°Musicians, thespians, general artsy people
°Anything having to do with adventure
All of these among other things, those just seem to be some of my favourites

And here's the tl;dr of everything I've said:
Swearing is okay, even if I don't. Extremely deragetory speech isn't acceptable, although writing arguments are fine, I don't do gore at all. I like music a ton, so feel free to talk about it, include it, whatever. Now, here's an important thing I didn't mention. I have aphantasia. What is that ? It's a condition where one cannot visually imagine anything. That means I may be less descriptive than most, which I apologize for. So, please don't ever prompt me with an "imagine you are __" because I can't do it. I don't know either.

Rave Reviews

They give rather quick yet detailed responses. While I rp with them, I didn't do what I normally did (Go to the next rp or refresh the page) cause they had already replied! Recommend to Rp with them cause their fun and quick replier to those who can lose interest in Rps that's rather have slow replies. Wonderful writer Fast responses - Anonymous

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