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Stuff about me:

Some of my characters are jerks, but I'm very laid-back and versatile when it comes to rp. Short term, long term, dark, humorous, mysterious, adventures, winging it, coming up with a solid plot, fantasy, sci fi, world-building, I can do it.

If there is something about our roleplay that is bothering you, not meeting expectations, you're just bored, etc, let me know. I'm willing to work on it. Or if you lose interest, that's alright, shit happens.

If there are delays with responses or you just aren't feeling it, it's cool. I've been rping on and off for twenty years and it happens. If you always take like six months to respond that may be a deal breaker though.

Not much into romance unless the characters and plot have the right kind of chemistry.

Never into smut.

No one-liners.

Really appreciate it when my rp partners help out with those NPC roles and contribute to plot. Don't worry about messing anything up. I might seem like I have some grand plan in mind but I am just winging it most of the time.

I roleplay in one to three paragraphs, and always in past tense, third person.

I know enough about the settings of Legend of Zelda, Sword of Truth, Dragons of Pern, Battlestar Galactica, Mistborn, Harry Potter, The Witcher, Marvel, Avatar: The Last Air Bender, various animes, Star Wars, the Forgotten Realms and Lord of the Rings to roleplay in those settings. I will play my adapted original characters in them.


Rave Reviews

It's great to see (very) morally grey characters done so well. A valuable ally... but do you ever dare trust her completely? There's bound to be someone with deeper pockets! But regardless of her alliances, RP with her is always outstanding and engaging! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Juls
Where do I start? You won't understand just how fun a game with this player really is until you TRY one! They pay such attention to details that many people overlook, and it adds that 3D quality to the roleplay that puts it over the top. Their characters have been well put together, with obvious thought to both flaws and strengths. While I have only been immersed in a world with Ruvaen, I don't doubt that equal thought has been put into the other characters! - BreezyDawn

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