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So this is where you can find out about my rp style and boring OOC shit.

Sometimes it takes me a while to get replies out, but I do try to respond within a week or two. If you have delays, or just lose your muse, don't sweat it. It happens to everyone sometimes.

My posts are usually around three paragraphs. Depends on the situation.

OOC shit
    I've been roleplaying on and off for almost 20 years, it's a writing hobby I've always had.

    I'm a full time night shift worker with a big family, pets, a relationship, I gotta take care of my house, and my life is insane. But I've always loved writing, and roleplay provides a good escape for me.

    I prefer fantasy roleplay, especially of the darker variety. I'm fine with anything from medieval to futuristic. I have been trying to branch into sci fi lately.
Playing evil and morally questionable characters is something I enjoy. When you are in my line of work you have to be nice all the time and it's a relief to cast that off and just be nasty and mean sometimes, even if it's through a character.

I am socially inept, awkward, shy and a "slow to warm up" kind of person. Please forgive me.

I am a nerd who loves reading, writing, games, fantasy settings, cartoons, cats, dogs and memes.

Roleplaying Shit
    I roleplay in third person, past tense. Always.
I do like dark themes but that doesn't mean rp always has to swing that way. Quests, humor, mysteries, I enjoy those as well!

I enjoy rp with dark themes, violence, drugs, alcohol, I don't mind sexual themes but I don't do smut.

I'm not big into romance and if it happens I prefer it happens naturally between characters, like a slow burn.

Things I will do
    Help to come up with plot, set scenes and play NPC's.

    Try to communicate OOC to collaborate on the rp.

    Be patient in regards to posts, I understand life happens, people lose their muse, their interest, decide they don't like the rp, etc.

    I prefer to roleplay on here but can roleplay on Discord.


    Adapt my characters to a different setting, participate in crossovers, mashups and alternate universes.

Adapt to some of your preferences on rp whenever it comes to:
    Post length

    Making a solid plot or just coming up with a starter and winging it.

    One-shot, short-term, long-term.

    Roleplay in messages, a group or on Discord.

Things I won't do
    Put up with one liners. I can't work with less than a paragraph.

    Put up with a continued lack of contribution to the plot of the rp.



Rave Reviews

Kris is such an interesting character; her bubbly, vivacious attitude is the perfect foil for Ezekiel's more sombre character. Many people assume clerics to be meek and helpless, but Kris is far from that idea. She's unconventionally strong, determined and altruistic to her cause, able to even persuade my charismatic paladin to help. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous
Not really sure where to start with her. She's endlessly flexible with the events and plot points I set forward and I'm always looking forward to her next post. Her characters feel like real people. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend you roleplay with her. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - SolarLoki

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