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#For the information of all; I am slowly becoming active again, I am physically Ill and have been for a while (Not COVID), so please be patient with me, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.#

I'm Jesse. I'm a DM, a veteran RPer, a polytheist, a disabled artist, a lover of passionate characters. I'm super into world building!

I do art, you can find my art HERE
Interested in my homebrew stuff? Ask!

Here are some Limits and Rules for you guys:
I will not RP
NSFW/ERP/18+ unless we discuss it first!
anything even vaguely suggestive with minors.
most Anime, or things like Harry Potter, or the Hunger Games.
most Games unless they are listed in my 'Fandoms' list, and only what is listed to the right of them (Or if we've discussed it length).
as "Real People".
with you if you are not LGBTQ+ or LGBTQ+ supporter/Ally.

I'm currently Role-playing|
Original Fantasy // Fantasy*
-DND HB content
-OC content
-High Fantasy

-Mass Effect (OC's)
-Dragon Age (Inquisitors)
-The Elder Scrolls (Variety of OCs)
-Tyranny (Fatebringer x Barik)
-World of Warcraft | (OC x OC)
-Diablo III+ (mMonk x mWizard)

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