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Greetings everyone!

My work schedule has changed: I'm now having my "weekend" on Tues and Wed...what can I say, its life! I'm grateful to have 2 consecutive days off (although a brother needs 3!!)

About Me:
I'm easy to get along with. Hit me up!

I enjoy fantasy, paranormal, medieval, and science fiction style roleplays.

I also love anime though I don't get to watch much these days.

I'm a father to a very beautiful, assertive, rambunctious toddler and she keeps me busy to say the least!


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Rave Reviews

I've had the pleasure of writing with Kada for a couple of his characters - both were amazingly well-written with wonderful detail and excellent detail that really brought the worlds they inhabited to life. OOC, Kada is understanding, happy to discuss ideas and genuinely a very sweet person. I look forward to writing with him in the New Year. It's been great to have you back, Kada! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Heidi
Justice (played by Kada)
Kada has a great style, and I love Justice and how much he is helping cement my character. I look forward to much more time playing with him. :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

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