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I'm predominantly an artist, I make things. But I also rp, I tend to not be into Forum roleplay and prefer things more active like chatrooms but it doesn't mean you can't hit me up for a rp. I guess I love fanfiction based worlds, fantasy, urban fantasy and some sci-fi.
Chat me up if you wish, I won't mind. Keep in mind, my life is very busy and so I am not always able to reply in a timely manner and sometimes I just disappear but it has nothing to do with you. You're awesome. It just means something happened with my mental state. I'll get back to you as soon as I am well.

Do I make character art? Why yes, Yes I do.

Things that I am into in terms of rping
  • Very long term naturally built romance - can't be the entire basis of the story though. I hate it when things get derailed in a story for romance or love triangles.
  • Adult situations and erotic roleplay. Sure! Just I rather it have a purpose you know? Like I don't write smut for the sake of smut, it often has some context within the greater story.
  • Fade to black- I can do that!
  • Violence? Within a limit. I guess it it gets too gratuitous then I might pm you to pull it back. You know?
  • Roleplays in discord, pms and on furcadia.
  • God roleplays? Sure! In fact I have some God like characters, but lets keep it interesting like if they are in a modern realm, and if they have restrictions on their powers. What is their approach towards human? That is fun to me
  • Out of character friendship and chatting. I am friendly. I am often bored when while workin on my art and may need a break. hit me up.

I guess a shorter list would what I don't do.
  • Godmoding- basically don't control my characters unless I give you expressed permission.
  • Powerplaying or munchkining- Basically a very powerful character that has been min/maxed to have very few weaknesses and to always win fights. They're pretty obvious and basically rps end up very boring to me with those kinds of characters.
  • Hood ornament characters. These characters are driven by the plot and by other characters. They take no actions for themselves, and place almost all of the work on everyone else to keep the plot moving forwards.
  • Out of character drama. Please no. I got enough in my life.
  • Forced romance
  • Forced drama
  • One liners. I, honestly need a lot more to work with.
  • Romance between characters under the age of 18.
  • Romance with someone who is ooc under the age of 18. Sorry, nothing on you and your maturity, but this puts me in a very bad position law wise. ALSO, be aware that it is one way for sexual predators to groom underage people into unsafe situations by making them feel more mature. So really, be safe out there.
  • Roleplays done in the first or second person. It gets confusing to me. I rather stick to thrid person. Like He, she, they, etc.

Rave Reviews

Kahmical is a wonderful player who crafts excellent characters. The depths of their charas becomes more apparent over the sessions, as their writing brings life and realism to their characters. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Amicitia
The queen of puns! Kahmical is a joy to rp with. Her characters are as unique and fun as she is. - Lantern

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