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Hello RPR Community and friends alike!

Honor and pleasure, a little snip bit of who I am behind the computer for anyone and everyone who wanted to get an idea of the moron doing all the typing!

First off, I am 31 years old. Live comfortably in New York City, New York and names Anthony.

I carry an obnoxious amount of suits for a wardrobe and tend to over-do and think everything. Which is a tendency that extends even in my writing. How wonderful for you!

The Basics!

I am an adventure / campaign writer. I play both male and female characters respectively. It doesn't bother me either way. I hardly if ever write out ERP. if I do, it's generally fade to black and has to be plot orientated. I know that may drastically limit the potential of writing out there for me, but my focus is generally if not always on character and story development.

Negotiable.. sure I am human, but just go with that understanding. Besides the fact that I enjoy when people believe I play female characters so well, they honestly get confused when I say otherwise. There goes your proof for ya!

Characters and how they work!

When I roleplay, I tend to add NPC's (side-characters) with long and well developed backstories. There rich history would more than likely warrant their own individual RPR pages but I don't do that. Rather keep them off RPR and keep the general focus set on the main antagonist/protagonists of the story. However, it has happen when side characters have taken a dominant role/focus of an RP and even have had individual spin off writing sessions develop for them because that happens.

Honestly? It tends to be quite amazing when that happens. But want to roleplay, be apart of a campaign? Just shoot me a message. I am very respectful, honest and forthcoming. I roleplay in any and all time periods.

The family I tend to focus on primarily are all time travelers and are not adverse to time periods in which they'd focus their weaponry, design and tactics to the time period they are visiting/staying in during the point of an RP.

Enjoy the content I provide and I hope you all have fun! Thats the point of why we are all here to begin with and lastly,

Thanks for reading!

Rave Reviews

Harmony (played by Kailex)
500 words can't possibly even begin to describe the amazing world that this writer can step you into. And Harmony herself, is a PIECE that is just so complex. With layers and layers of nothing but full on in your face of surprises. Through a veil of naivety, underneath lays a vast wealth of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. She is the Grey Witch, in essence. Embracing both light and dark and making them see the importance of their path in life. - Michonne
Aluuin (played by Kailex)
Aluuin is a fantastic role-player and has a very thorough character with likes, dislikes and a honed personality. Roleplaying with him was a delight. I tend to be able to predict how players might respond to actions in posts so I have never been afraid to make a few bluffs; But Aluuin will continuously surprise. Compared to others he pays attention to details, what is said and what is not said which makes him a worthy adversary to detail oriented roleplayers. - Mipps

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