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I love role-playing! Message me here or in Furcadia (Xorathalos) if any of my characters strike your fancy. I'm available at odd times at the moment. Recently flew to New Zealand and will be updating my availability as able.

Just a bit about me. I love RPGs (action, turn based, or MMO) ... in particular, Elder Scrolls Online. I also love survival, shooters, and fighting games. I love working on electronic gadgets and fix stuff on the side.

I have a lovely partner who goes by Vixy.
Vixy is my real-life pet/submissive, and a pretty damn amazing writer, herself! I love her with all I am, and she's everything to me. Anything either of us do in-character is understood as separate from our out-of-character lives. Feel free to approach either of us for plot, or just to have things happen to your character(s)!

Rave Reviews

Xor'Athalos (played by Kaiser)
A well balance character that in any form I've played thats been fun to poke prod and grow with in any storyline telling. From the Crea days to any one else thats followed. Xor should always be poked!!! - TheCoffeeWolf
One of my favorite folks to role play with and talk to. If for nothing else the fact I can threaten him with fluffybum nicknames! But seriously, inventive character that's never really old and fun to see what happening next to a amazingly sweet guy to just go crazy at and then have him pop ya one and set you straight. <3 Good friend and awesome role player. - TheCoffeeWolf

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