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Hello everyone, Kamizombie here. Welcome to my writer's hub. First off, thank you for taking the time to read through this, as I know it is not necessary.

So then, about me. I have been role-playing for over 12 years now, and I mean that in a very active sort of sense. In that time, I have done at least one rp reply almost every single day. I have a lot of personal experience under my belt when it comes to role-playing. I don't say this to come off as arrogant, but that I know how to lead a story and portray a character. In fact, since my time on aniroleplay, I have rp'd a profile known exactly by the name I go by now. This profile is less a character profile as much as it is an entire world rp. This means that I portray the world around your character and all the other characters in it. This has given me a large amount of insight in being able to portray a vast number of characters with a wide array of personality differences.

I am also very amicable and friendly. However, I am not good at small talk. Truthfully, I am not one to be really concerned with personal conversations until we have already gotten at least a few replies into rp. This is merely because I am here for one thing primarily. I don't want to pester people about replies if they don't have interest in responding. If I enjoy you enough, I may give out my Skype or Discord.

1. I rp in any genre, but I most prefer an action and adventure sort of story with LOTS of character arcs and interaction squeezed in. The more developed your character is, the more I will enjoy this rp.

2. While all of my character profiles state semipara to novella, I most prefer multipara to novella rps. This is because I feel that's where my general range is. However, I will accept semi and para. If you use one line, though, your reply will be ignored.

3. I do enjoy a good romance. In fact, it is probably my third favorite over all genre. However, I prefer a story driven romance based on honest character interactions. This also means that a romance has a chance to fail when it comes to my characters, as I find it far more thrilling that way. Does this mean it will fail? Probably not, but this is also used to weed out those who are just rping with my characters because they are hot.

4. This is in addendum to 3. This includes erotic. Let me put this out right now, I do enjoy a good erotic moment in rp. However, like romance, I enjoy it in a story sense. Now this doesn't mean all my characters are going to be super prudes until 80 replies in, but if you are in this for a fap session, you are going to be incredibly disappointed.

5. On that note, I will likely be incredibly busy, as I indulge in a LOT of rps
. If we rp, PLEASE be patient with me. This also includes bugging me about when your reply is coming. I do not ignore anyone. I assure you will be gotten to.

6. If you must message me about an rp, please do it in another message that isn't our rp. I do all my replies in order, and you screw up your spot in line when you reply in your rp when I haven't answered yet.

All that said, don't let any of this discourage you from rping with me. I welcome more rps and gladly want to see more stories be done. Hope to hear from you If you are interested.

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For seven wonderful years, I've had the honor to RP with Kamizombie on 5 different platforms. He's diverse, considerate and one of the best writers I know. There is no greater gift on this planet than a fantastic partner, and Kami has set the bar for optimal RP partners very high. If you are looking for a great RP with a long term story, please consider RPing with my dear friend, Kamizombie. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Gaeilge_Banrion
Kamizombe is a very good roleplay. I have multiple roleplays going on with them. A lot of characters to choose from! Creative ideas Long posts - Duskblade

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