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Hey there! I'm Kamui!

OkkkAY so...

I'm a huge sucker for MxM, let me just get this out of the way, and I adore long term and long post RP's. One sentence doesn't cut it, and I will not RP with you if that's your thing. I have a tendency to overuse Sangris, since I've used him longer and it's easier to RP him.

I also really love fantasy RPs. They're so much fun and possibilities are endless. I like romance the least, but only if its stupid, cheesy, "I saw that from a mile away" romance. Give me some spice, some action, and then we're talking!

Okay, also, another warning...head's up...sort of thing.
Sucker for gay stuff. And a sucker for dark stuff. Like, seriously. If you're one to make your characters suffer, put them in pain, all for "character development" I am the ONE to ask to RP with. Any chance I can get to make my children suffer.

I'm really picky about RPs. I often write multi-para. My minimum is two or three paragraphs, but if it needs to go shorter, it's usually due to a conversation. One liners that are not necessary will get you dropped, and very unlikely to get me to RP with you again. If you know you can't deliver a few paragraphs, please, move on.

However, I want one Code Lyoko RP out there with Odd Della-Robbia, it's my literal dream. If interested, please please please tell me and I'll worship you at the feet.

Also, just like, a warning if you've read this. I prefer not to RP with people under 19. 18 may be an exception, depends on how well we click. If you think you're confident enough to RP with me and hold up a rather good one, then PM me!

~~~So, to everyone who has gotten a welcome from me, plEASe! I have a few rules. I understand that I say PM me anytime, but like, do not come towards me asking if I have any ideas. It's...well, a little rude. I know what I said, but come well prepared! If you read my profile, and look at my activity feed, you can see what I enjoy!

I'm serious, you guys. It's getting rather tiring, having people asking me for ideas when they PM me. I don't do it to others. Do not do it to me.~~~

here's some aesthetic stuff. don't wanna clutter my page

Kamui cosplays! Got plenty of time but not...plenty of money, lmao! Why not buy me a ko-fi? Costs as much as buying me a small coffee, or even supporting RPR^^ this is my latest project! You should totally help me reach my goal^^

So, since you made it to the end, why not hit me up~?


Rave Reviews

I cannot even begin to explain how great of a roleplayer this girl is. We've only got a single roleplay going on between each other, but I'm loving every moment of it so far. She does an excellent job at portraying her characters, is very descriptive, and a fun person to plan the RP with. I sincerely look forward to adding more RPs with her in the future and I'd highly recommend hitting her up. You won't regret the RP. Stay cool, my friend. - KansasVenomoth
I won't ever not write additional Kudo's for this beautiful individual! Take the RP's away, Kamui is still one of the most wonderful people to just sit down and chat with. Spitball ideas! Brainstorm! Just gush about random topics, and totally nerd out without any fear of judgement! She's crazy and in the best of ways! With the RP's in the mix? Oooooh boy! Buckle up! You're the best, dear! <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - EnkeliAgon

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