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Kamui | Any Pronouns | PST
henlo! am kamui

last time i made this sort of thing it was really long. i'll try and keep it short this time! no promises
as mentioned, hi! i'm kamui. i've been roleplaying for almost a decade now.

i primarily do mxm. for those who know me, i abuse my baby boy, sangris! literally, whoops. one day i'll get more of my ocs up here. one day.
today is not that day
i also do commissions! want a link?
i have an art insta, toyhouse, and twitter, all on the comm page.
i do have a discord, but i only give it to those i'm comfortable with. please don't push me for it, i will snap.
my adhd is nasty! sometimes i want to rp all day. sometimes i feel guilty when i don't reply.
please be patient with me sometimes. sometimes it'll take me months to reply. have mercy. am baby.
i adore intensive OOC chatter! i love coming up with ideas to make my OCs suffer!

bunny why are they all white

Rave Reviews

I don't actually come on this site anymore, which gave me all the more reason to come and drop this kudos. My last praise was rather shallow and naive as I hadn't gotten to know her well, or write much. Since then, my passion for RP has altogether died. But, Kamui has actually really sparked my passion again not just to rp, but to write overall. She's an absolute inspiration. I look forward to every quiet moment, or each exciting event! Every word of each exchange feels worthwhile with Kamui. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - SmileyChesh
Kamui is a funny, exciting, and delightful person. I haven't had the opportunity to write with her yet, but I do love getting to hang out with her and our group of friends. The banter and bickering is a delightful entertainment because she keeps you on your toes or knocks you to the floor with giggles. I'm very glad to call her my friend. On the side of it all she's a very talented artist! I'm proud to have an icon made just for me by her! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Hadeslicious

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