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"They're here alone (Dream of home)" - Angels Calling, by Sabaton
"Who hides behind four-eight-five-nine" - Inmate 4959, by Sabaton
"September 15th, 1916, the first wave approaches!" - The Future of Warfare, by Sabaton

I’m KatayokuNoTenshiVII, and I like to consider myself a very laid back, chill, down-to-earth kind of guy. I enjoy metal music and roleplaying. I love Slayer and Metallica.

I’m attracted to fantasy-style roleplays but I’ll do whatever you want! As I said, I’m pretty chill, so I’ll listen to your ideas and work something out if I feel like something needs to change. Otherwise...Yeah!

I mostly RP Final Fantasy, though. I hope to have wonderful roleplays with you guys!

I will let you know this right now: I have a case of ADHD, and insomnia as well, so if my replies are taking a while, that's probably why. I'd either be napping or focusing on something else.

But why the hell am I telling you that? Most of that wasn't generally important!

I also should note that while I can write in an "intense" way, I can also be gentle according to my own wishes or the story...Also, I can be an idiot at times, so. Yeah. How "intense" my writing is, all depends on my mood and your willingness, and the type of story.

Note! I do not, and I mean, I do not generally be the first to message someone. I'm shy about it, however, that shouldn't stop you from taking quite an interest. You never know...Maybe, just maybe, I'm interested in a character of yours...But, whenever I lose my shyness, I'll be sure to work right in! Heh, heh, heh...

That's it on this guy!

~ KatayokuNoTenshiVII, aka "Ace", Member since January 4, 2017.
The origin of my username? One-Winged Angel, because I freakin' love that song...Okay, okay. I have problems with being addicted to the song, so what?

Did you enjoy reading about me? If so, great! Have fun...or don't, because since when can I control that?

Minor Detail: I'm well aware my username is long! If you'd like to call me by a nickname, you can call me by one of the following:
[*] Katayoku
[*] Kata
[*] Ace
[*] VII, or Seven, because seriously. They mean the same thing...

And that's all about me!
~ KatayokuNoTenshiVII
I'd love to hear your opinions on me, and my characters, and whatnot...You know, it helps me grow and develop as a writer and roleplayer.

Eh...-shrugs- I guess...

Twitter: @AgitoAceXIII
Discord: AgitoAceXIII#6481

Rave Reviews

We haven't got to talk too much yet, or role-play, although I'd like to in the future! He seems very talented and fun. And is great to chat about Final Fantasy or any awesome similar games with. Totally friend him!! - iolhantheX
He is such a great user! He has a massive collection of characters and is just a great guy to talk to in general. He is really good at RPing as well! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - MangoNekros

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