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"They're here alone (Dream of home)"

I’m KatayokuNoTenshiVII, and I like to consider myself a very laid back, chill, down-to-earth kind of guy. I enjoy metal music and roleplaying. I love Slayer and Metallica.

I’m attracted to fantasy-style roleplays but I’ll do whatever you want! As I said, I’m pretty chill, so I’ll listen to your ideas and work something out if I feel like something needs to change. Otherwise...Yeah!

I mostly RP Final Fantasy, though. I hope to have wonderful roleplays with you guys!

I will let you know this right now: I have a case of ADHD, and insomnia as well, so if my replies are taking a while, that's probably why. I'd either be napping or focusing on something else.

But why the hell am I telling you that? Most of that wasn't generally important!

I also should note that while I can write in an "intense" way, I can also be gentle according to my own wishes or the story...Also, I can be an idiot at times, so. Yeah. How "intense" my writing is, all depends on my mood and your willingness, and the type of story.

Note! I do not, and I mean, I do not generally be the first to message someone. I'm shy about it, however, that shouldn't stop you from taking quite an interest. You never know...Maybe, just maybe, I'm interested in a character of yours...But, whenever I lose my shyness, I'll be sure to work right in! Heh, heh, heh...

That's it on this guy!

~ KatayokuNoTenshiVII, aka "Ace", Member since January 4, 2017.
The origin of my username? One-Winged Angel, because I freakin' love that song...Okay, okay. I have problems with being addicted to the song, so what?

Did you enjoy reading about me? If so, great! Have fun...or don't, because since when can I control that?

Minor Detail: I'm well aware my username is long! If you'd like to call me by a nickname, you can call me by one of the following:
[*] Katayoku
[*] Kata
[*] Ace
[*] VII, or Seven, because seriously. They mean the same thing...

And that's all about me!
~ KatayokuNoTenshiVII
I'd love to hear your opinions on me, and my characters, and whatnot...You know, it helps me grow and develop as a writer and roleplayer.

Eh...-shrugs- I guess...

Twitter: @AgitoAceXIII
Discord: AgitoAceXIII#6481

Rave Reviews

We haven't got to talk too much yet, or role-play, although I'd like to in the future! He seems very talented and fun. And is great to chat about Final Fantasy or any awesome similar games with. Totally friend him!! - iolhantheX
I recommend people to do long term rps with him, we only did one rp and he cane out well detailed. He’s very sweet to people and helps out plan out plots when someone has trouble thinking of one, in return, kudos! - Foxy_TheWarrior

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