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I really love rp and I always will. There isn't a whole lot else to say about me really and I just don't like talking about myself. None of my characters have any relationships and they are all straight, so I didn't bother to add that. When that changes, I'll add that.

I'm willing to make up characters on the spot if a plot or character interests me enough. I can be shy, but I'm still friendly so if any of my characters interest you, feel free to message me about a possible roleplay.

One tip about the way I use violence warnings, if you see one on one of my characters, it denotes a character that is particularly likely to engage in violence over the PG-13 line. So if that kind of violence bothers you, I would highly recommend not engaging in a roleplay with that character.

Big rule about RPing with me:

Just don't ghost me. Hey if something comes up and you need to pause, take a good while or even end our rp, it's totally fine. I understand, stuff happens, no judgement here. Just do me the courtesy of telling me as I would do the same for you.

Characters that would love to roleplay: Eclipseon, Spectreeon, Valeana

Characters that might consider a roleplay: Glaceia, Kariah, Kelmera, Rashinnu, Sorea, Ukichi

Characters unlikely to engage in a roleplay: Ravona

Characters that are not up for roleplay at this time:Titania

Rave Reviews

Katia is a great writer and as nice as they come. We've had some threads die out but she has always been understanding of my occasional disappearances. Even willing to start a new thread with me after an exceptionally long one. People like her is what makes up a great community here on Rpr Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TroyLocke
We can all get a bit frustrated over various things that are sometimes even a bit silly, and in an instance where I was getting riled up, Katia stepped up to de-escalate and defuse the situation with patience, understanding, and kind words. Kind and understanding Helpful - Zelphyr

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