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I really love rp and I always will. There isn't a whole lot else to say about me really and I just don't like talking about myself. None of my characters have any relationships and they are all straight, so I didn't bother to add that. When that changes, I'll add that.

I'm willing to make up characters on the spot if a plot or character interests me enough. I can be shy, but I'm still friendly so if any of my characters interest you, feel free to message me about a possible roleplay.

One tip about the way I use violence warnings, if you see one on one of my characters, it denotes a character that is particularly likely to engage in violence over the PG-13 line. So if that kind of violence bothers you, I would highly recommend not engaging in a roleplay with that character.

Big rule about RPing with me:

Just don't ghost me. Hey if something comes up and you need to pause, take a good while or even end our rp, it's totally fine. I understand, stuff happens, no judgement here. Just do me the courtesy of telling me as I would do the same for you.

Characters that would love to roleplay: Eclipseon, Spectreeon, Valeana

Characters that might consider a roleplay: Glaceia, Kariah, Kelmera, Rashinnu, Sorea, Ukichi

Characters unlikely to engage in a roleplay: Ravona

Characters that are not up for roleplay at this time:Titania

Rave Reviews

I adore Katia's ideas and dedication to the roleplaying craft. Her characters are always so full of dimension and thought that it's hard not to like them! As a person she's always caring, thoughtful and kind, and I enjoy talking to her when we get the chance. :) - Sanne
Given she is such a wonderful friend and writer who has inspired a variety of original worlds, characters and story ideas I really wish I wasn't limited to choosing two qualities. She deserves much more than that. It is an absolute delight going into an RP with Katia, and her posts are some of the best parts of my day Wonderful writer Long-term partner - VelmiaWarin

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