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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: September 05

Hello! And if it obvious already, I am here for RP! I'm so exited to get back into it. My friend and I were RP MASTERS but then she lost her creativity because of this girl she met and ugh. Long story. But sadly, I have lost the best RP partner I've ever had. So maybe on here I can find another person whose good at RPing. I mean, you don't have to be good because of course, everyone improves over time. Anyways,
I like my partners to be creative and to write at least more than once sentence please. Also, someone who is good at improvising and going along with things. Of course, I will go along with you as long as sex doesn't happen (or no details if it does end up happening). I also prefer to keep cussing at a down LOW. Basically PG-13 but a heavy PG-13 depending on what happens.
I'm a sucker for Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, and apocalyptic themes. I also am a sucker for LOTR/ TH/ SW themes. As well as videogames, of course (or at least, the ones that I've played).
If you have a good idea that you're passionate about but want to keep it PG-13, I'm the person! I look forward to RPing! AND REMEMBER: A GOOD RPER ALWAYS (OR ALMOST DEPENDING) RESPECTS THE CONDITIONS AND RULES OF THE OTHER PLAYER SUCH AS IF THEY WANT IT TO KEEP IT PG-13 OR NO ROMANCE OR WHATEVER. be kind, and patent and understanding! Have a good day!

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