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Hey, what's up?

I'm nothing more than your everyday, casual NEET with no life to look forward to so let's get this show on the road, eh?
I'm back and ready to roleplay but I don't really know what kinds of things.
I guess I like romance and horror, sometimes the two together?
I also sometimes dip my toes into fantasy or sci-fi and that's kinda fun.
I like video games and anime, massive no life weeb.
Some people seem to find my style good? Not too sure about that
I've recently been rewatching clone high, I watched it on OG airing, even though I was like, one year old, I still retain a few memories.

I'm not too sure what else to say? I mean like just be chill, cool and nice and I'll reciprocate, I don't really hang around people who can't just chill. I do lewd stuff too, sometimes? Not pure smut but weave it int othe story and I'm fine with it.

Rave Reviews

Katrina does well in pacing the role play and developing characters while still crafting remarkable chemistry between hers and her role play partners. The story is guaranteed to be fun and engaging. Definitely someone you'll find yourself in a favorite roleplay with. - Werren
Pride is such a delight to talk to and is a kind person. I enjoy talking to them in PM and the friendly energy they always have in every conversation. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Kruhee

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