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Hello, everyone, I am known as Keanu Jaochim Ackerman, I am a roleplayer even though I am not Literate. I make punction and run-on errors, but I love Roleplaying either way. I love drawing, writing stories for my own enjoyment, and I also only like to play certain video games that I like.

Anybody is welcome to roleplay with me if they want to roleplay with me on the forums or in private messages if they rather Roleplay in the PMs, there are ten characters I created, and I am not perfect with starters but I will still do them though :3

Rave Reviews

What to say about KeanuAckerman...There is too much. Keanu here it the best person to know. We are roleplaying, and I love it. They are the best and I love how the character changes with mine. They are great at getting along with you. Kudos, KeanuAckerman! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Icysoul
He is a very good roleplayer.. he carries the plot along and he is just really Excellent.!!!! You Rock!!! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Slayer1234

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