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Hey I'm Keegs. She/they. 29. EST.

I've been writing/RP'ing on and off for around 15 years now, started way back in the long long ago on Neopets .com.

-semi-literate (sometimes the vibe of a plot doesn't fit with long posting and I get that)

-any pairing, any gender (I'll write anybody)

-I will only write with people over the age of 21 (I'm a Real Bonified Grown Up and prefer to write with people who know how much Things Cost)

-smut/NSFW is something I very much enjoy but it's not a requirement (limits/expectations will be discussed)

-original content is where it's at but I do like fandom role play too (honestly there's too many for me to list)

-I like writing with a big cast, think a few "main" characters and then lots of side characters (I love variety what can I say)

-LGBTQ+ friendly is a requirement (no debate on this)

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