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Keekee, at your service. *Bows dramatically*

A pleasure to meet you. I, like many others here, love to roleplay. For me, it's especially when life is stressful. Roleplaying is my getaway from the troubles of this world to solve problems in another. It's been a while since I've roleplayed but I'm wanting to get back into it on a more consistent basis. One thing I'm trying to be better about is following. I have a hard time trusting my own ideas and will heavily lean on others to guide me. But I want to use this as a way to exercise MY mind and meet and learn from people along the way.

I LOVE fantasy. I started daydreaming and playing pretend about magic and dragons and being the hero since I can remember. My fondest summers were running around outside playing a character you could only read about in books or see in movies, but in that moment, I was that character. I was the one running around with my brother, defeating our uncle and making the world a better place. They were probably all cringe story lines but they were mine and the possibilities were endless. My wish is to be that way again with my imagination. It feels like life has taken a very vital part of me and I want to try taking it back.

As I now come to the conclusion of my monologue, my hope is that I didn't get too deep for you, but I figured I might as well share what I want to take from being on this site.

To meeting you again.

(Side note: I can adjust any of my characters to become rp specific. Most of my characters are for a book I have been trying to work on but haven't been successful. I am hoping that roleplaying the characters will make it easier for me the picture them as actual beings instead of a sheet stored in my computer. That's why I'm willing to adjust them for rps.)

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