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Greetings! My name is Keekee. *Bows dramatically*

It is a pleasure to meet you. I, like many others here, love to roleplay. I have been on many an adventure through roleplaying. It is my getaway from the troubles of this world to solve problems in another. As a child, I remember daydreaming, and playing pretend about magic and dragons and being the hero. My fondest summers were spent running around outside playing a character you could only read about in books or see in movies, but at that moment, I was the character. I was the one running around with my brother, defeating our evil uncle and making the world a better place. Of course, they were all cringe storylines, but they were mine, and the possibilities were endless.

As my readers now may be able to tell, I love fantasy. It is my favorite genre to roleplay. I like to write several paragraphs describing the environment and what the character is feeling and going through. I like to paint a picture in my partner(s) mind(s). To have them immersed in the story.

Although I have been doing this for many years, I stopped for a year or two. I was having a hard time trusting my ideas and would lean on others. I didn't trust myself to carry on the story in the desired direction. My wish is to get over that and take back a vital part of who I am.

As I conclude my introduction, I hope to meet new people and become part of the stories we build together.

To meeting you, my fellow roleplayer!

(Side note: I can adjust any of my characters to become rp specific. Most of my characters are for a book I have been trying to work on but haven't been successful. I am hoping that roleplaying the characters will make it easier for me the picture them as actual beings instead of a sheet stored in my computer. That's why I'm willing to adjust them for rps.)

Inquiring minds want to know why we too should befriend Keekee!

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