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Is it B you’re looking for? ‘v’
Hen (she/her) EST VERY Clucky Avian
I tend to roleplay on Discord nowadays instead of on Furcadia!

Rave Reviews

I’ve had the opportunity to roleplay with Keet after so long of stalking her characters’ profiles (I may or may not have them listed under my Favorites folder, shhhh), and what an unforgettable ride it has been! Every post made me slam my eyeballs into the screen with anticipation to see what whimsy she brought to the table next. Her writing style is excellent beyond measure, and she pays close attention to posts and responds with unexpected reactions that makes each a thrill to read! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Avelithe
Lune is so amazing, I don't even know where to start. Her characters are so well thought out and played, with an incredible amount of depth and detail to them. OOC she's a total sweetheart and so much fun to hang out with. If you haven't RP'd with this gal yet you better get on it! - Sol

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