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Contact: You must say "I'm from rpr and i'd like to roleplay." That's all. :U
Skype: Demon child or Terra.Weis
Deviantart: Keiwami

I am fourteen years old, and just about to go into high school. My birthday is coming up soon, so i'll be fifteen. C:
I live, eat, and breath for art, writing, and roleplay.
I'm a wanderer in religion, and I believe the most in wiccanism.
Because I have a 'wolf-god' character, does not mean i roleplay a furry.
She looks human, but in her god form it is a gargantuan wolf.

Now onto my styles!

I will roleplay pretty much anything
except the following:
xp/level-up type characters.
Now, this doesn't mean I don't always roleplay with them, but they aren't my preffered type.

I usually like the following roleplay types:
Romance; but that's usually reserved for friends.
Sci-fi; this is anything from cyborgs, zombies, to angels and demons.
Steampunk--pretty self explanatory.
Past; as in meaning different era's from the past. a good example would be the eighteenth century, 16th. around those times.
future; pretty self-explanatory.

The types of characters I roleplay:
A demigod in the form of a human/wolf, born of Demetyr and a Titan, Metis.
Demons with shapeshifting abilities.

I will usually reply within a one-two day time period for a roleplay.

Rave Reviews

Quite the budding artist and writer~ - WeAreNeverBroken
Look at her arts and her charas! ^^ you'll love her as much as I do! <3 - DL909

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