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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: December 01

Hey guys so i'm Kendra. I'm still new here so if i slip up a little in the rps im sorry...
If you guys want to talk on a site other than here you Can contact me on insta @kendradawn87_
Just so everyone knows I will not stand for racial and gender offenses.
On a lighter note I love music mostly alternative rock and musicals.

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Rave Reviews

  • I have been writing with KendraDawn for a little over a month. She is a young writer but is developing well. Her posts are solid, she is good with imagery and helping you see the world around her and her character. She is very sweet and kind. Anyone would be happy to write with KendraDawn! Kudos! =)
    -- danmanmun
  • KendraDawn is such a sweet girl, she’s so kind and understanding. She’s easy to get alone with. She responds pretty well, her responses are a good size with enough detail. Her characters are well made and in depth. And she just makes your time enjoyable and worth...
    -- MeanAndEmo

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