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Hello everyone~ My name is Finn, and I'm a college student who enjoys wicca and art.

Rp's going: None
Open for Rp?: Maybe.

Status- In a hiatus, really want to get back into it!

  • Name: Finn
  • Gender: Male
  • Preferred pronouns: He And Him
  • Sexuality: Gay
  • Height: 5'5
  • Hobbies: Video Games, My Cat, Cartoons, Crafts/Art
  • Favorite show: Voltron, Avatar, Forensic files, Supernatural, Shera, Dragon Prince, Kipo
  • Favorite Rp Type: I enjoy fantasy Rp, with romance, adventure, and drama. I average around three paragraphs in each post, give or take. I try to react then act in all posts. I also prefer to only do M/M rp.
Well I hope to hear from you~

* Not much art on here is mine. Credit to the artists.*(Unless otherwise stated)

Rave Reviews

Though we haven't been rping for too long and only have one rp going, I'm hooked! Their characters are quite original, not only them but his worlds are highly detailed and thought out on top of that; which has inspired me completely! He is brilliant and a joy to discuss ideas with or figure out how to combine two worlds together. As an rper and a person in general, Keo is fantastic no doubt. You'll never get bored when rping with them as I know I tend to want to read their replies over <3 - OpenToThings
What to say about this guy here? Besides he is an amazing roleplayer. He has great ideas and easy to work with and get along with. His characters are interesting and different and you just don't know what to expect form him. I nightly recommend you don't pass up a chance to rp with him! - KuroSakuranbo14

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