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Hoi! My name is Nikki

About me?...
I love dogs, that's about it ^_^

I live in the UK... and it's so-so...

“You should probably talk about rp..”

Oh, yeah!
I did a lot of rp in the past... just got back into it recently!

Rave Reviews

You know, for what little I've seen thus far, it's clear this is someone you want to play with. This girl is definitely very fun. And yes, she can officially consider herself part of the Puu Crew~ Very nice, and...well, she knows how to make a chara, and how to make a story pop~! - Xenoworlds_Inhabitan
KikiNiki, where do I start with her? For lack of a better word, she is a spectacular, wonderful bundle of joy that is a blast to roleplay with. She plays her characters with a lot of emotion, so much emotion that they almost seem like real people. As well as having fleshed out characters, she can also write damn good plot development, which makes rping with her more and more enjoyable. If you get the chance to, roleplay with this fine gal and see for yourself how wonderful she is! - _Sadie_

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