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I'm slow lol.

Welcome. Please make yourself at home.
Here are some basic rules I have set, Please keep them in mind. :)

1. No one liners
2. Don't let me do all the work
3. No ghosting
4. Please tell me if something needs to be changed
5. Be nice
6. No Yaoi,Smut, or Yuri. Basically, no suggestive themes.
7. Be considerate of any delays I may have to put in place.
8. Don't rush me.
9. Please make sure to have fun.

Hello! I'm KillerKiller, though you can just call me Kay. I would really enjoy it if you'd role play with me since I'm pretty open to almost all genres! I love anime and manga, so I'll probably put a list down soon. That way we can do some rps based off of them if you'd like!

I will take hiatuses once in a while due to things that happen in life, but I hope you understand and I'll make sure I put up a notice. :)

Oh! btw, I love gore/romance rps. I don't know why I like that combo so much, it's just my forte haha. XD I also like cute characters! When I see someone playing a cute character, my heart explodes, lol. Idk what it is, but I just adore those types.

I like to play male characters most of the time because I'm pretty uncomfortable handling female ones. It's always really awkward feeling whenever I attempt to play one which isn't surprising since I can never understand their thought process.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it here! I'm always open to new ideas. ;)


Anime I watch or watched


Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!


My roommate is a cat

Cells at work!

Kimetsu no Yaiba

One punch man

Rising of The Shield Hero

Types of werewolves for werewolf RPs

If you are sensitive, do not read the message below

I do not tolerate passive-aggressive behavior, nor do I tolerate ghosting. I want you to make it loud and clear what upsets you so that we may work things out that way.

Once again, convey how you're feeling to me. Also, please make sure you are contributing to the RP properly. If you don't feel like replying properly, wait until you can reply properly.

Don't ignore the rules that I set or control my character. Please keep in mind I speak loud and clear how I'm feeling about what you are doing. Do not block me for no reason either.

If I don't understand something, explain it calmly and thoroughly instead of giving me hateful or passive-aggressive replies. I'm not exactly great at telling what's wrong or when you're joking or not, though I try my best.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you'll understand my feelings <3

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