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Just cruisin' around. Please, if you like any of my characters or want to RP with them, my DMs are always open!

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So like ngl, this dude is so f r e a k i n g nice <3 we’ve been rping and chatting for close to 2 weeks now, and they’ve made me feel comfortable while rping and even out of chat. They’re so descriptive while rping and the chats are fun outside of rp <3 over all made me feel comfy to rp and is overall chill 1000/10 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - directly_dummie
KingDragon is a pretty interesting person they take their time to make sure it’s just right, they give it their all when they reply and their pretty fast at replying as well plus they are also every skilled with their words so kudos to you! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Rocky

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