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“If you think about it, what we decide to do today could determine our entire future.” They shuddered, wincing with a smile. “I don’t think I’m ready for those decisions yet.”



I am KingOfDorks, but you can call me King or KD! Or whatever works for you! :D
I'm a little awkward, so I'm probably more nervous to talk to you than you are! But no worries! I'm friendly, nonetheless, and I hope we can still talk! Don't be afraid to message me, if you wish! :)


About Me


  • I am, in fact, an artist, so I will be browsing around the Art and Creativity forums! :D
  • My favorite genre is fantasy and a slice of life.
  • I'm currently working on a novel. ( Woo- The work! xD )
  • I can do fandom RPs, but that only occurs at rare occasions!
  • I'm a huge book nerd.
  • Annndd I don't have anything else to say expect; Have a great day! :D

RP Stuff


  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Historical
  • Romance ( No smut, I'm afraid )
  • Slice of Life
  • Sci-Fi ( Sometimes )
  • SCP Stuff
  • Horror, maybe? I mean, I'm terrible at writing about it, but I don't mind it.

Style of Writing?

Surprisingly, I don't have something that is preferred. I can write up to six paragraphs, at most, but I can also do one-liners. It just depends on the situation and RP, I suppose. :D
As for how I write, I try to keep good grammar and better spelling. I try to hook whoever is reading, and I don't enjoy many mistakes. But, of course, we all make them, so I don't mind it every now and then. :)

Writing Examples

First Days Are Usually The Worst

Breathe, Phee. Breathe.

His heart was beating rapidly against his chest. His own thoughts were hazy, but his vision was worse. You'd think when a low-tier gets stirred up in a fight with a high-tier on their first day, they'd back down. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Of course, Phoenix didn't have to strike in return of the low-tier's angered movement, but he did. Now, he stood in the middle of a hall with a bloody nose and a bruised lip, clutching his fist around the collar of a low-tier's shirt and pinning his back against the wall.

"You're an idiot. Did you know that?" It was the blond high-tier who spoke, his voice raspy and low in irritation. Something sparked in his eyes.

The weaker boy, Cayden, shook his head, attempting to gather air as he did so. "You don't understand-"

"What? I don't understand what?" Phoenix snapped back, practically snarling by this point. "I have the right not to talk to you. I have the right to not speak at all. But you don't have to come off and start firing at me like I attacked you! Now, doesn't that sound ridiculous?"

The boy simply made a noise from his throat, signaling an agreement. With a tight smile, Phoenix released the boy and took a step back, simply tucking his hands into his pockets as if nothing had happened, "I'll see you around. Take care of that arm of yours, got it?"

Then the blond turned on his heels and began walking towards the cafeteria. Phoenix wasn't usually so easy to tick off like that, let alone did he use his abilities to threaten someone like he did. So, what had happened to cause this, exactly? Easy. Not only did he rarely use his abilities carelessly, he also didn't enjoy speaking, so he tended to give people the cold shoulder and ignore them. In this case, Cayden, the low-tier, had tried talking to him into skipping the next class to take a quick smoke with them, just so they could ‘hang out’ or whatever. When Phoenix had continued walking without even a glance towards him, Cayden snapped, restated his question, and lifted his hand full of electricity and aimed at the high-tier.

Now, here’s the catch; Phoenix is terrified of lightning and electrical abilities, so he felt provoked. Immediately, his hand curled into a fist, and he swung it in the direction of the low-tier. His hand had grown nails much like claws, and he now had strength that would be compared to a bear. But, besides the point, the two began hitting back and forth, until Phoenix grabbed a hold of Cayden.

And that’s what got him here, sauntering towards his next class with a busted lip and a bloody nose. He sighed. He hadn’t expected his first day to go like this, but what’s a school without a good fight every now and again?

He didn’t want to go to the nurse. He had heard rumors about him and his death glare. Besides, it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. Slowly, Phee dragged his arm across his face before pulling down his sleeve, wincing. The sight of the blood had made him crack for a moment. It made him realize that that was his first impression. A high-tier who got cocky and started a fight immediately, giving barely any mercy to the poor low-tier who just wanted to be friends.

He swirled around a corner leaned against the wall, sending a look around the empty hall. He thought he heard someone crying. That’s when he realized it was his own eyes blurring and his own tears falling down his face. It was him who was choking back the urge to weep. Again, he wiped off his face with his hand. If someone were to see him..

He ran his fingers through his tousled, golden hair, which had fallen loose from its bun in the commotion of the fight. It was then he noticed he had been injured, too. His leg was aching, throbbing with no consent. It was probably where the electricity had struck him. A slow, muffled curse left his lips as his hand brushed over the area of his thigh that was hurting the most. Maybe he should just skip class. Even better, just skip the day!

Just as he was beginning to get lost in his thoughts and the agony, Phoenix was brought back to reality. The sound of footsteps were becoming loud and clear...

Missed Shot

"You have to be kidding me!"

The archer kicked a tree. After screaming to get rid of any irritation that rattled in her body, the feeling was quickly replaced with frustration, and it didn't help her anymore than it would have in the first place. It was surprising that she had even made it this far into the forest, but she regretted knowing she had, in fact, come this far for nothing but disappointment and building fury.

After spending two hours gaining control over her Latvian horse, Duke, Cyrene has decided she would continue with the chores of the elderly woman she lived near. One of which was fetching a meal. Since Cyrene didn’t have money of her own and could never bring herself to ask the elder for a coin or two, she decided she would hunt. She felt like it, anyways. So, she eventually mounted Duke with the battered saddle and reins and began making her way through the town, keeping her eyes out for any dropped coins as she did so.

Of course, this side of the forest wasn’t as enchanting as the elderly woman made it out to be, for it was just.. a forest. A forest with towering, lushly growing trees and tall grasses with a variety of bugs. A very large, surprising variety of bugs.

Cyrene had prowled in the grass in search of anything that would please and fulfill the expectations of the elderly. After thirty minutes of searching, the archer spotted her target; a rabbit who was devouring a plant of some sorts. It was helpless, and she was hungry. She knocked an arrow onto her bow, aimed the tip for the rabbit’s thigh, and drew it back. Only, her arrow was thrown off it’s pinpoint when a frighteningly immense beetle stumbled onto the archer’s personal space, landing directly on the left side of her cheek. Startled by the creature, Cyrene leapt back and whipped her arrow towards the ground while flicking the insect off of her face. Though, she wasn’t the only one who seemed to be startled.

After realizing the rabbit had gotten away, Cyrene was left with a furious scream and an injury on her foot after kicking the tree. She huffed, turning in a circle. “Well, bud,” She sighed, picking up the useless arrow and walking towards her horse. “Let’s start heading back. Whichever way ‘back’ is..”

This was one of my first posts, so my writing style has changed a bit since then.

RPs at the Moment?

Fantasy RP
Fantasy RP
Fantasy PM RP
Fantasy PM RP
General PM RP

As of right now, I'm totally open to ideas! Don't have much goin' on in this little corner of dorkiness, and I'm pretty chill with anything and everything! ;p

Fandom Stuff?

So, I know I said I don't do it that often, buuuut I do like to spice it up every now and again!
  • Musicals! Uhm- Yes. It's a strange one, but it's a good one. From Hamilton to Heathers, from Beetlejuice to Dear Evan Hansen. I love them all! Of course, I haven't exactly been in many RPs like this, so I don't have much experience with this fandom.
    Some of those Webtoon Comics. Overall? I've done one or two RPs like this. Things like Lumine, UnOrdinary, The Vampire's Maid, Castle Swimmer, and a few others. I'm probably less likely to read ones themed with romance, but I do check those out, too!
  • The World of Harry Potter ( Fun fact: I'm a Gryffindor And Nearly A Hufflepuff! )
  • Percy Jackson ( Another fun fact: I took a handful of quizzes, and I'd be a child of Athena! )
  • Sander Sides ( Fanders?) Is.. Is this a fandom-?
  • I'm sure there are a few I'm forgetting. XD


Astrid Lilith
"It all begins and ends with your mind. What you give power to has power over you."

Celestina Elena
"Breathe through the fear, and walk through the fire."

Cyrene Guinevere
"There are a lot of adventures out there, waiting for us to find them!"

Jupiter Vega
"Look up and get lost in the sky. The stars will always point you back in the right direction."

Zora Nova
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, I refuse to hear your beck and call. You can not show the best of me, for I am much more than you can see."




Rave Reviews

Her responses always bring a smile to my face, unless of course they aren't meant to. But when her character is being funny, she is funny. When she's sad, she makes me feel sad. The emotions in her writing are so vivid, nevermind her actual person. I enjoy how understanding she is, I'm always late or making mistakes or hitting writers block and she never yells at me. As a matter of fact she writes back with a," Yeah, it's all good." or," No problem." which always reassures me. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Tugboattom
This, Right Here, Is An Amazing Writer. Not To Mention Her Character Overall! The Levels Of Creativity Is Amazing, And I Wish Our RP Had Lasted Longer! Even When One Or The Other Had Come Up Short, She Completely Understood. 10/10 Would RP With Her Again! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous

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