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Hello there!

Not much to say but I'm a flexible RPer willing to make friends and try new RP styles. Have close to 10 years experience in Roleplaying.

I love collecting comics, reading manga, playing video games (currently mobile device games), watching movies. My favorite genres to play are action, adventure, superhero, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, modern, erotica, and drama. Still getting used to apocalyptic and supernatural type RPs.

I'm a pretty open person so don't be afraid to speak to me :D.
Profile update/add-on
Hello all! Being here for a few months now, I figure it's about time I stop being lazy and add a little more about myself as far as post length, response time, a little rule or two and so on. Maybe later, I'll add other stuff as time goes on :)

My activity level and what I look for in my partners on the subject

~ Post length: I'm pretty flexible with my posting length. I'm able to do at least 2 lines but still would like something to work with from my partners that only post that length. And I can do up to 3 paragraphs. (Sometimes it varies on the story. If it's something with a bit of dialogue or requires and bit of information to add, I'll do more than that). Everything in between, I'm very flexible.

~Activity level/response time: I'm a full time worker and father of an infant. Monday-Friday from 7:30 am - 5:30 pm EST, I'm at work. I can respond while at work but only when I have free time between tasks and during my 3 breaks. Depending on how busy it is, I may be able to post once a day to several times a day but warning, I do have many other RPs I have to manage as well. If I don't respond for a few days, either I thought I responded, I'm just too tired mentally to respond, or have too much going on to get a post in.

I don't want anyone thinking I'm ghosting them. Feel free to check up on me if I haven't responded for a while. But please, don't blow up my notifications to rush me in posting.

Partner wise, I'm very patient. I know we all have a life outside of this and we all have our issues, moods and so on. If your response time is extremely slow, That's totally fine. I'll still be around. If you ghost me, I'm not going to be upset, A little hurt, but I just felt it wasn't meant to be for us to be partners or you may have other reasons that I simply don't know about.

KT's Guidelines 101

1.) I'm communication friendly. I'm also open with talking to my partners and friends. If you just want to talk but don't want to RP, I'm totally fine with that. I like getting to know the person behind the characters. And I don't mind talking about any topic. I'm totally open. Also, please talk to me if you're bored of an RP. You won't hurt my feelings.

2.) I can do adult themes and I can get quite explicit. But...I'd feel bad if you're underage and trying to be a sneak freak on me. Please be 18+ if we are doing mature themes.

3.) As mentioned earlier, I do have a life outside of here and sometimes I may not post for a few days or will eventually get to it after doing my rounds of responding to others I'm late with. Please don't blow up my notifications to rush me in posting. (Forced posts from me are ugly and won't have as much quality as my other posts).

4.) Please don't control nor instant kill/critically injure my characters. Please be fair. At least have your character attempt an attack or action depending on the circumstance. I like living by the honor system.

5.) Please no negativity. If you need to vent, that's fine. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here. If you need some encouragement from big bro, I can do that. But I can't tolerate disrespect, racism, sexism, politics, nor verbal abuse. If you're bringing heavy negative vibes that's going to offend me or others I know that it effects, I'm not the best person to come to.

6.) Fandoms. Unfortunately I'm not a big fandom RPer. Yeah, I can still use an OC for a canon series but I'd rather have a character in a world or universe I or my partner created. Not taking away from other fandom lovers. It's just not for me.

7.) Have fun! I want my partners to all have some enjoyment in RPing with me. I feel when two or more partners gather for something we can create and enjoy, that's a magical moment especially when all are committed to it and constantly push each other to their best and make the story into something epic and memorable.

Oh! If you want to contact me outside RPR, I have a discord. You can feel free to add me and talk to me there! King Tai#7510

I think that's about it for me for now.......Love y'all!!


Rave Reviews

Thank you Sim for saying hello to Jess! Simeon is a self-made man and is a riding power in broadcast media, and likely other media ventures as well! Looking forward to getting to know him more! All you TV/Radio/Music industry people should maybe see if you can get in contact with his PA Olivia! Your experiences will be rewarded with good communication and style! - Deumeawyn
Writing an rp with the Calloway Brothers and I smile when I see a reply from them as it is such a wonderful treat and can’t wait to get writing a response! A great multi character bio and their descriptive and articulate writing makes an rp with the Brothers a joy! Give the Calloway Brothers page a look and if you get a chance to RP with them, do it! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Deumeawyn

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