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  • Age: 18


I have been getting no sleep again, so reply's will slow down. sorry

I’m also drowning in RPs I have to reply to so, you’re gonna have to wait your turn

ALSO, I don’t have access to my pc rn so I’m using my phone. Sorry for typos

REPLYS: I normally try to get my reply’s out when I’m inspired or when I think of something to reply with to make the story good. Sorry I’m quality over quantity. Sometimes I’ll reply once a day, sometimes more. Or some days I may not reply at all!

SIDE NOTE: Sometimes I may not reply for awhile, I’ll get back to you I promise! I try not to ghost people because I find it to be a bit rude, if I’m taking awhile I’ll usually shoot you a message to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you

Now I’m gonna add a little rules that I never really talk about so people know.

1: No One liners. I used to be like this and I get it, this ain’t English class so I don’t expect a 5 paragraph essay but please at least give me something to work with! I prefer 1-2 paragraphs minimum!

2: don’t ghost me. There’s nothing I can really do about this, but please PLEASE let me know if you don’t want to do our rp anymore. I prefer to know if I’m not gonna get a reply rather then waiting with my hopes up for one that’s never gonna come. And if your not gonna reply for awhile just let me know! I understand life comes up sometimes so you can’t always tell everyone you can’t reply, but if you can just let me know!

3: I’m not really someone with lots of...self confidence, so if I’m kind of awkward talking to you don’t take it the wrong way I just have trouble seeing why people want to talk to me sometimes! Nothing against you!

4: Have fun! That’s what this is all for after all :)

Charecter updates
Starting to update William!

Also a new character is coming!

Still have all my characters getting fixed up a bit


None of the pictures on my characters profiles are mine. Im not good at art or taking pictures at all so yeah. il let you know if that changes

Songs that I love:

This next song has some harsh language and themes in it. If that offends you don’t listen to it.

Rave Reviews

  • I am actually annoyed at myself for not giving him kudos sooner. We've got two Roleplays going at the minute and I can honestly say I get all excited and giddy when I see he has responded. His character William Chase is so well thought out and he always keeps the...
    -- StaticNightmares
  • I just needed to put this up here. I already put one in but omg this person... I had no idea people like this existed haha! He’s so patient and understanding, I can’t imagine how. I don’t feel pressured to respond to him, and it’s awesome. No matter what, he...
    -- LowRezCrab

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