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Genderqueer Guy | Demi-Panromantic Asexual

I’m Sol or Solaris. I’m a transmasculine genderqueer guy. My pronouns are he/him, they/them and ae/aer. Pleased to meet you!

I have a deep passion for the art of writing and roleplaying, so send me a PM if you’d like to talk!

Some of my favorite things include: writing, reading (favorite genres: sci-fi and fantasy), digital art, roleplaying, worldbuilding, Dungeons and Dragons, embroidery, knitting and probably a lot more!

I'd like to note that I am under 18 years old. My preference is with roleplaying with people in my age group, but I do not mind playing or engaging with people who are older than 18. I draw the line at any NSFW roleplays.

Roleplay Guidelines

Roleplay Style:
My writing style can vary from how creative and motivated I'm feeling. I can usually write at least 1-3 (or more) paragraphs on a single post. Frequency of posts depends on school/life situation. I get burnout easily, but I try to respond once every few days. If I do not respond within a week or so, please let me know with a reminder. I ask your patience when roleplaying.

I won’t ghost, and I’ll bring up any issues when needed.

My preference is towards fantasy (particularly medieval) and science fiction, however I don't mind roleplaying any genre and I am very flexible with genres. Usually, as long as there is a main plot driving the roleplay forward, I will enjoy the roleplay. I don't mind romance but I prefer it to be a side plot of the roleplay. I do fandom roleplays for fandoms such as Percy Jackson, Warriors, Wings of Fire, Harry Potter, Star Wars and some others, but I will not roleplay with canon characters. I prefer roleplays that involve a lot of lore and worldbuilding in them, but it is not required.

I do not mind doing 1x1, small group roleplays or big group roleplays. All of them are fine to me. I also love roleplay D&D and other RPGs.

Mature Content:
As stated above, I am under 18 years old and uncomfortable with writing in NSFW scenarios.

Things I Dislike:
I ask my roleplaying partners to write at least a paragraph-length response that contributes to the plot in some way (either through actions, setting exposition, or dialogue). I don’t do well with asterisks roleplaying or one-liners, as they don’t give much room for roleplay. I especially dislike it when it seems like I’m doing the heavylifying in terms of roleplay.

Rave Reviews

I love the way she's a helpful person on the site and she helps bring a rp to life. I recommend if you like Warrior Cats, I would rp with her and it to be long termed, in return, kudos! - Foxy_TheWarrior
King is absolutely incredible at writing lore and working together to create that sort of stuff, and is super kind and understanding. I haven't gotten the chance to roleplay with them just yet, but they have super fun, creative and helpful! Definitely a wonderful addition to this site. Helpful Creative ideas - PsychoStorm

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