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I can't believe I have never given this woman recommendation! Her writing is fantastic and the characters she makes are complicated but deliciously dizzying! Although I don't know her that well personally, and we haven't roleplayed (as much as I would like) I know that each roleplay I have been given only makes me admire her characters more. Each background story is creative, different and unique from her last, making each character a different taste. I hope to roleplay with you more! - Michonne
The wife - My Wife - My Heart and soul in another body. There isn't enough time thank the stars for bringing my wife in my life. Creative, attractive, hilarious and savage. One of the few people in existence where even her 'negatives' aren't really negatives. There is no one on the planet, I've found more creative than she is. World building, character backstory, seriously screwed up elements that will make a character sink or swim.. she writes fearlessly [1/2] - Mouslykat

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    Someone who I have known for sometime now and an absolute sweetheart, she has always been there to have a chat or a rant with and her character creations are just stunning.
    I've loved being apart of a closed species of yours <3
    Much love! :3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    (About 1 month 4 weeks ago)
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