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Status: Trying to find good RP partners!

Hello. My name is Kloomsy! You can call me Kloo, Boop, Thumper, or anything else. The nicknames I have gotten over the years are very odd. My friends and loved ones have odd tastes. Things about me is that I am studying Digital Graphics, I love learning about cultures, I’m an aspiring author and artist, and that I have an obsession with anime, animations, manga, comics, and anything story related with art.

I’m not good with comforting people or talking that well. I’m shy and I often get paranoid and what people think about me. I do have anxiety and depression, so if I ever take a while to respond to an RP, don’t worry! I will respond, sometimes it just takes me a while. The longest I ever go without answering is a week and if I go longer then I tell the person that I’m burnout, on hiatus, having a hard time, etc. I try my best to never ghost.

Any art on my characters profiles are my own art. If they aren’t, I will say so and credit the artist.

Writing Example 1

Captain Kyven was young when he learned that fate and destiny were two completely different things.

It was when the sun was sweltering, the rays baking the earth and scorching the leaves, when his best friend died. It was just a small cat who suffered from a disease, but still, he couldn’t help but view it as an eye opening experience.

Destiny is something you can’t change. It will happen no matter what path you take, what drink you guzzle down, what life you choose. His cat died out of destiny. He couldn’t save it and no doctor could either. It was meant to be so it happened.

Fate is something that you can change. Take the right path and you won’t have to deal with crocodiles, take the left path and avoid the bees, go see the doctor and save a cat. That’s fate. Fate is making a decision and letting that decision change the course of the future.

So, it was an eye opening experience. Right then, Kyven learned that he hated destiny and loved fate. Because destiny is that parent who suffocated you with a rope and drags you on one path. And fate was the parent that ushered you to take your own steps.

Kyven doesn’t like being bossed around. He hates it. To him, he’s the only man who can give orders. So when his best friend died and he was left weeping, he cursed this so-called destiny, and wished it would be gone forever.

So he took it into his own hands. He took his gate and his destiny and throw them down the drain, deciding that his decisions were his own.

However, nowadays? He could still remember the day he refused to acknowledge, to believe, in something that ruled his life. Oh bloody hell, how wrong he was.

He gritted his teeth and glared at his enemy, a soldier, someone he used to call friend, someone who had a name similar to his own. They grinned coldly. There was no remorse and there was no guilt, it was as if their brain erased all the memories they once had together.

However, enemy or old friend, no way he was going to back down now, he couldn’t. Kyven doesn’t even know how he got in this situation because he did everything he could possibly do to avoid this situation. So maybe fate and destiny do exist.

He swallowed down his pride and flinched when he heard the click of a gun. He stared down the barrel. It was too late to say goodbyes now.

The trigger clicked.

Free Hours

Sunday •• 1:00PM - 12:00AM

Monday •• 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Tuesday •• 9:00AM - 7:00PM // 9:00PM - 12:00AM

Wednesday •• Usually Off all day

Thursday •• Off and On

Friday •• 9:00AM - 7:00PM // 9:00PM - 12:00AM

Saturday •• Usually Off all day

RP Rules


1. However, for normal RP’s, I will RP with those who are 17. But that’s it. However, if you are older than 17, I don’t care what age you are. You can even be 70 and I’ll still RP with you as long as you follow my rules and respect me.

2. I write in detailed paragraphs. Don’t expect me to change that for you. I ask that my partners also write in detail paragraphs and I ask them to at least write 4+ or more. Thank you!

3. Triggers are a thing. Expect me to ask if I should avoid anything that might be trigger you, or I might just ask what you don’t write. I don’t have any triggers and I can write anything, but I want to take your personal being into account.

4. In character interactions are not me. I’m not my character. If I say anything flirtatious to you as a character then I am not writing it to you as a person. Ever. Never ever. If I’m mean as a character or I say something absolutely horrid, I am not that character.

5. I’m not here on RPR for romantic relationships. I came here to make friends and write with people. Expect me to chat to you OOC and expect me to want to try and be your friend.

6. I will not say where I live, my age, and any personal themes. Just know that I am a young man who is busy all the time because of work, adult responsibilities, and more.

Thank you for reading my rules!


•• I started driving way later than a lot of people.

•• I have an obsession with crime documentaries, mystery novels, etc. My favorite classic novel is Sherlock Holmes of The Great Gatsby. I think things like that are super cool. I love the thrill of mystery!

•• I don’t like forcing romance between characters. If it happens, it happens. The more you write together with those characters then the more chemistry unfolds. I do this with both my novel writing and RP writing.

•• My favorite candy is Reese’s or Snickers. But skittles have to be amazing too. My favorite ice cream is cookie dough or vanilla—yes, I’m a basic bitch.

•• I watch anime and read manga. However, I tend to like having real character face claims to my characters here on RPR. Mostly because well.. I want to write in a realistic sense with a realistic human in mind.

•• My favorite anime is Hellsing. My favorite manga is One Piece of Hunter x Hunter. I also ADORE Case Closed! It’s a detective manga and anime that is super long but so worth it.

•• I have one dog and one cat.

•• I started dating my girlfriend 5/14/22.

•• My car is small and dingy but I love it more than any other car. Speaking of that.. I probably need to clean out the dash box.

•• I’m a Slytherin. Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series and movie series.

•• Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are movies that I absolutely adore. They are my all time favorites. I also love the books!

Spotify: ClumsyPerson
Pinterest: KLOOMSY

Discord: KLOO#6804



Rave Reviews

Kloomsy is like a hot cup of cocoa on a chilly day - always there to add comfort and joy to your day. A brilliant writer, Kloo's ability to add exciting cliff-hangers, cozy stories, and sexy scenarios is something that is rarely found in just any RP partner. They blow it out of the park, keeping me on the edge of my seat, and desperate for the next chapter of our story at any given moment. Oh, yeah, and they're an absolutely incredible human. Thanks for being my friend, Kloo! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - 13ee
Kloomsy is a fantastic writer. He gives detailed responses, and is impossibly patient and understanding. Each of his characters are well thought out and intricate, without becoming overwhelming. Kloomsy gives great feedback and is very good with communication OOC and IC.
10/10 Wonderful writer Fast responses - _Apollo_

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