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Hey guys! It’s been some time, I recently took a hiatus from the site because my mental health was not the greatest, but I’m doing better now so I hope to get back into RP’ing. I’ll be deleting most of my characters except Liam to make room for new ones since I don’t use the ones on my profile. Why they’re still there I don’t even know.

Anyways, hello, my name is Kokichi, or Koki. I go by other names on other parts of the internet now but since I’ve been here a while I’m not changing anything. I will be 19 in November and I’m a female who somehow loves playing males. I don’t have many specific triggers in RP but I do like to avoid very intense situations as it has been known to trigger my mental health.

Hey, if we used to RP and I haven’t responded to you, feel free to hit me up again. I know I have ghosted a lot of people and I’m really sorry for that. Most of the time it has been out of my control. I’d love to reconnect with you, but I’m really a bit too shy to make the first move, especially since people are probably ticked off at me for it. Once again, I’m sorry and I hope maybe we can RP again!

One thing I should make very clear right now is I have trauma based DID (dissociative identity disorder, aka multiple personalities) that has been quite a problem for me lately. To sum it up, my memory is really bad and I may be mentally absent for short periods of time (the longest has been 18 hours). I try not to let my “alters” get online in my place so likely if I “dissociate” I’ll just stay off the site for a while. Just be patient with me and we’ll be all good, as that shouldn’t get in the way of anything, but I feel my partner’s should be aware that this is an ongoing issue for me.

——My Rules——
1. My post lengths vary by the roleplay and my partner. I will try to match what you have but it is hard for me to go longer than what I have to go off with. If I go with a one liner by accident and it’s not a one liner RP please just gently remind me and I’ll fix it.
2. I am OK with mental illnesses and stuff like that in roleplay as long as it is portrayed sensitively and as accurate as you can be. I don’t want to see characters who are mentally ill just because unless we are doing an asylum RP or something (which I rarely do anymore)
3. I don’t have any specific triggers to name. I can do almost anything in moderation, but heavy topics I may ask to slow down or fade out depending on how my mental health is feeling.
4. If you are going to RP with me I expect commitment. If you don’t want to do our story anymore just tell me. I understand. But don’t ghost. That’s just rude. I will try my best to give warning if I will be gone more than a day but that all depends on my DID. I’m going to give it my all though.
5. If you are of legal age, I do do smut RP as both a female or a sub male (sometimes I can do a dom male but it’s hard for me). I will not RP smut with anyone underaged as it is against the rules and the law.

If you want to see a list of prompts and pairings and stuff I like I will have a thread linked here shortly

Thanks for reading my profile!

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