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I've done a variety of RPs and will do either Script or Semi-literate. I prefer Semi-lit. The genres I tend to enjoy most are Sci-fi, Fantasy, or a healthy mix of the two. I also do fan-based RPs, but only on things I am familiar with or at least know a few things about. I will RP in nearly any time-frame, be it past, present, or future. Also I will play in nearly any location, provided I have a character that would work. I adore playing characters that are non-human, and will readily play either male or female. Also I tend to play multiple characters, provided it is permissible in the RP. Romance is fine with me, but I prefer making the couple in question *work* for their relationship, if that makes sense.

Oh! Before I go, please don't hesitate to ask about characters of mine not shown in detail here! This batch is something of a "sample platter", so if you're curious about someone mentioned in a profile, feel free to ask for them! Odds are I have their profile squirreled away somewhere.

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