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First, A note. I make it a rule to only RP with those who are 18+, just for my own peace of mind.

Hello there!

I'm Koshachiy but you can call me Kosha.

I've been away from RPR for quite some time now, but circumstances and desire have conspired to draw me back into her fold. As before, I am here to expand my literary horizons and find quality writing partners. I won't lie, my expectations are high, but the grade of the work I put out matches it.

I have been writing in some form or another for well over a decade. My range of literary interests is vast and deep. I have plumbed the depths of lovecraftian horror and the climbed to the heady heights of utopia. But I do not simply stop at the mainstream, as a gay man I have made a point of seeking out queer literature.

It is....sadly rare. So of late I have taken up my own pen, and have dedicated myself to stories of gay male love.

I emphasize the story, that quality. I want tales, characters with breadth and depth. A plot. Not an excuse for two men to mash their lips together. I want to make tales with meaning, characters that feel like people. If you're interested solely in the sexual side of things, or take part in any number of toxic tropes prevalent to the internet-the sexualization of non-consent, the objectification of gay males-then I am not the partner for you.

But if you, like me, want a quality story, characters that feel and breath, then I would be happy to call you friend-and partner!

I am always willing to chat, regardless, feel free to shoot me a PM.

"By God, I'll fight until Hell freezes over and then I'll cut the ice and fight on."
-Captain William Mattingly

Rave Reviews

If you are ever feeling uninspired, talk to Ophi. He is amazing at plotting, world building, character development-literally everything on top of being an amazing writer. His replies are always on point and incredibly detailed.

He’s also a pretty fantastic friend too. 💕 - Rigormortiful

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