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Hi there, it is nice to meet you! You can call me Aj or Koto. Love crafting stories and interacting with folks. I'm honestly just looking to escape real life and have fun- so long as you're an adult like me. 21 +

I'm mostly looking for romance and character development in my stories. Looking for long term partners who are willing to have our ocs connect and grow closer.

Reply Time: 1-3 days at most, usually not Sundays. Thanks for your patience!

Rp style/Rules

All characters are bi unless stated otherwise 🩷

Third person. 3+ paragraphs.

I have typos. (I swear I proofread. My bad ya'll)

I play flawed characters!

I roleplay as guys and gals!

I enjoy drama and tension in stories, however if I do too much do let me know kindly and I will pull it back.

I don't ghost. Please don't ghost me. I'd prefer you communicate.

Sexual Themes. Okay with suggestions and themes so long as it doesn't dominate the story. I love passion and build up. Let's get Spicy...BUT once it gets to the sex itself or anything "below the belt" I will be fading. I fade to black but like some passion!

Let's just flow and see where the story goes. We love organic ideas here ❤️. It does not have to be planned.

Please no over powered or perfect characters. It isn't too fair or fun like that. Everyone has flaws.

All my ocs below have a basic outline but I am willing to adapt them for the rp!

Please actually help me come up with ideas. It's no fun having to do all the creative thinking and plotting.

Thanks for reading it all if you did!! God bless you ~

Rave Reviews

It's been a few months now since I started RPing with Kotomi, and it has been absolutely grand. She has been entirely understanding and patient with my reply time, writes in beautiful fashion, and has not been afraid to discuss share and implement plot ideas into the RP. I can not say enough good about her and her RP. Outside of our RP Kotomi herself is very kind, understanding, full of life and energy, and seems to enjoy smiling and laughing. She is an amazing RP partner and individual. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Shadow_Wolf95
I didn't roleplay much with Kotomi but the little we did and built starting from a simple event one shot turning into an actual longer story, I truly enjoyed it a lot and I hope we can continue someday 💕 Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Roxy

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