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Hi there, it is nice to meet you! You can call me Koto or Aj if you'd like. I've roleplayed all my childhood. I took a break for a year or so but am back...slowly wanting to write again! P.S I am 21+ and only wish to rp with other adults :)

I draw sometimes:
Check me out ! @port.trail on Instagram.

I'm a fellow artist who adores having her characters interact and befriend others ocs. I'm a sucker for romance and character development so I am looking for long term partners who are willing to have our ocs connect and grow closer. Please note I am human and make typos every now and then. I apologize but I just wanted to mention that if occasional typos bother you then I may not be your gal!

Reply Time: 1-3 days at most, usually not Sundays. Thanks for your patience!

Some things to note

I roleplay as guys and gals!

I enjoy drama and tension in stories, however if I do too much do let me know kindly and I will pull it back.

I'm okay with light love triangles. Our characters don't HAVE to end up together, but I'd rather not have my character feel like a side character within her/his own story :). If your character ends up with another character (npc) that's okay! Just please don't have me read paragraphs upon paragraphs of their fluffy romance if it doesn't relate to the story. 😊

I fade to black. Sexual themes and suggestions are alright but anything more then kisses, cuddles, maybe light touching will have to be faded out!

I enjoy a slower build up with romance. If I end up building the story too slowly do tell me. We can pick it up. But I find it dull when characters, for example, meet one day, married the next, kid the next. I love building up information !

Please please be around my age. I feel weird rping with little kids..oof.

Let's just flow and see where the story goes. We love organic ideas here ❤️. It does not have to be planned.

Please no over powered or perfect characters. It isn't too fair or fun like that. Everyone has flaws.

All my ocs below have a basic outline but I am willing to adapt them for the rp!

I like longer responses usually. Atleast a paragraph or so. One liners typically make me feel like the other party doesn't care too much ;u;.

I will not just leave on you, and please don't do that to me either. If you are not having fun, please tell me instead of just never responding. I will let you know if I must stop for any reason.

Please actually help me come up with ideas. It's no fun having to do all the creative thinking and plotting.

I am busy with work so sorry if I respond late. Sometimes a day or two..but I will get back to you for sure!!

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I absolutely love our RP together, Kotomi always contributes to the RP and brings forth plot-points and actively has her characters engaging in things. She is a very proactive RPer, even if she isn't leading a scene- her characters are always doing something to affect it and engage with it. She is an absolute blast to play with and I can't wait to see where our journey takes us~ ^^ Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Section
Kotomi and I have been roleplaying together for around a month now, and I must say, she is such an amazing writer. Her posts are very detailed, and I really feel like I'm reading a professional novel. She's also very friendly and awesome to talk to out of character as well. I always look forward to seeing a new post from her and hope that our story continues for a long time. If you are fortunate enough to get a chance to roleplay with her, definitely take it! Wonderful writer Long posts - Arekkusu

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