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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 22

Rather then ignore me, maybe communicate your feelings of disinterest ? ^^ Do Respect me and I shall respect you. Thank you! But for now...Hello!

Hi there, it is nice to meet you! My name is Kotomi and I have been rping since I was younger!!
A fellow artist who adores having her characters interact and befriend others ocs!
I am a sucker for romance and character development so I am looking for long term partners who are willing to have our ocs connect and grow closer!

Reply Time: 1 day at most.

Some things to note
I enjoy a slower build up with romance. If I end up building the story too slowly do tell me. We can pick it up. But I find it dull when characters, for example, meet one day, married the next, kid the next. I love building up information !

Please no Over Powered characters. It isn't too fair >0< everyone has flaws.

All oc's below have a basic outline but I am willing to adapt them for the rp!

I can roleplay as both guys and gals

I like longer responses usually. Atleast a paragraph or so. One liners typically make me feel like the other party doesn't care too much ;u;.

I will not just leave on you, and please don't do that to me either. If you are not having fun, please tell me instead of just never responding. I will let you know if I must stop for any reason.

I am busy with work and school so sorry if I respond late. Sometimes a day or two..but I will get back to you for sure!!

Rave Reviews

  • Kotomi is great to rp with. She's seriously creative and a talented writer, always coming up with new ideas and finding fun and interesting ways to add them into the roleplay. I've been rp'ing with Kotomi for a while and enjoy all of her characters and the stories...
    -- Fishymatt
  • Ok, been role-playing with her, and she's always going and coming up with things, but shes not afraid to ask for help if she's stuck. But shes amazing at building a plot off any detail you give. Say yoir character has a backstory with potential for present conflict...
    -- Michael_Rainwater

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