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Hi! Bit about me - Canadian, friendly, has pupper, curious about danger noodles, arachnid-scaredy-cat.
Status: Active, but random disappearances!
Reply times: 8am - 10pm EST

RP style:
  • Love to improv beyond the original outline
  • Don't forget to give the original plot points some love!
  • Spelling & grammar are very important, so use the edit button when you catch something!
  • Posts - adjustable length BUT at least 3 sentences AND something to be able to react to is a requirement, or else I will banish you!

Rave Reviews

This woman is such an amazing and prompt rper that I find myself eagerly awaiting her next post. In a matter of just a month or so, our rp has become one of the longest ones that I have ever done, and there are so many twists and turns with awesome character developments and great surprises. Our rp could be a good novel if we wanted. But, anyway, Shes amazing! Rp with her, You won't regret it!! - Ricochett
I wish I could check every box for her best qualities; how can I only pick two!?
Kriptess is, without a doubt, one of the best writers I've ever met with responses that never cease to impress. Full of creative ideas and twists that keep things interesting, a master of managing several characters at once, each with their own personality (to the point that I wouldn't even call them NPCs!), beautiful style, a sweet, understanding personality
— she has it all! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Spiteful

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